heavy rotation

this is the first installment of a little something i have dubbed ‘heavy rotation’. you may ask – “what is ‘heavy rotation’?” well it is all about music. over the years i have learned that we all have different tastes in music – some like jazz – some like hip hop – some are partial to the classics – but what we all have in common is that music is a big part our day. whether it be listening to your ipod on the train, going to a show, or fighting over the next track while playing PS2 (or x-bis’ox for those on the dark side), music is a constant. so i thought that the d-triz would be a perfect forum to share what i was listening to and more importantly see what everyone else had in their play list.

so what have i had on repeat lately…?

<%image(cache/20050712-DJX122_3x3_300dpi.jpg|203|199|hell's winter)%>

Artist: Cage

Album: Hell???s Winter

Release Date: Sept 20th, 2005

Label: Def Jux

i got an advance copy from marc. incidentally he is making good use of his wedding website. he is using server space for select album uploads for the picking. don’t tell kristin. i am sure she wouldn’t be too happy to know that one of the pages on her wedding website is …wedding.com/cage.zip.

anyway, about the album. the production is precise; El-P and Camu Tao handle most of the beats along with Blockhead, paWL, RJD2 and DJ Shadow. to me it is one of those addictive albums that gets better with each listen. it is kinda dark and may seem a bit harsh at times, but it Cage is a insightful storyteller, with ill timing, speaking about his experiences. the album is mainly autobiographical, but is also political, spiteful (against his former label: eastern conference), and funny. following is the track list:

Good Morning
Too Heavy For Cherubs
Grand Ol Party Crash
The Death of Chris Palko
Shoot Frank
Perfect World
Subtle Art of the Breakup Song
Left It To Us
Public Property
Lord Have Mercy
Hell’s Winter

you can find all the track samples at the def jux site

well, this post may not be of particular interest to most of you because it isn???t your type of music, but it is more of a conversation starter. reply with what you are listening to now. i find the best way to find new music is recs from people you know (i am digging the J5 ‘live at bonnaroo/bananaroo’ that ltj gave me). so no matter what it is, throw it out for the group. you may just discover something you like.

6 thoughts on “heavy rotation”

  1. Well done Matty B-Side. Let's kick this blog into high gear (this from a guy who hasn't posted in quite some time).

  2. what kind of music is Cage exactly? Now I am very curious…would it be my sort of music?

    My latest trend is…no laughing here…the Black Eyed Peas…very snappy…..heeheee, no pun intended.

    Get it?!?!

  3. I am also looking for new music. I'm kind of getting sick of the same ole thing.

    I have had my ipod (newly gotten thanks to LTJ) on random, so I pretty much get a mix of everything but I have actually stopped and listened to Belly. But Belly isn't new music. I need good new stuff to listen to. Maybe I should check out the Black Eyed Peas.

  4. Nice work, Matty. I like the idea of each of us having our own recurring features. I still haven't found my niche.

    Anyway, I haven't purchased any new CDs in a couple of months. I was way into Half Pint there for a while. He's a Jamaican reggae artist. I need to pick up Ben Folds' latest effort. I've just been listening to the same old stuff, mostly turning to Getz, Jobim, and the Gilbertos for some smooth, summery sounds of Brazilian bossa nova.

  5. I've been tuning into the wonderful sound of the Path.. err.. well, I've been listening to zilch since my iPod decided to drop dead.. Hopefully this will get resolved this weekend.

  6. Can't find the advance copy anywhere. Down with Cage since Pete Nice cut in 96. If you could let me know how to get a copy of that cd I would appreciate it. If you cant or dont want to just let me know that to. Wanna make sure you got the message. One thing is finding Cage fans outside of concerts is tough.
    Lou from Philly

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