Faith Rewarded

As you know, I get discouraged from time to time when my fellow drivers don’t show me the hand.  You can check out my original entry on this topic and you can probably expect more in the future.  I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of drivers not being courteous enough to give even a token hand wave when I’m nice enough to let them pass me (the post-9/11 wave of roadway kindness subsided some time ago).  However, what I experienced the other morning as I drove to work rekindled my faith in my fellow motorists. 

I drive along a rural road at the foot of Blue Hills, a road in which I’ve seen wild turkeys and deer, both of which like to dart toward my car while I’m going 40 miles per hour.  There is also, unfortunately, a State Police barracks on this road.  I was driving southbound and was passed by a northbound woman (I think?) in an SUV who flashed her high beams.  I am aware of precious few reasons for someone to flash their high beams at another driver.  One is if it’s dark out and you have forgotten to turn on your headlights.  Another is if that flasher is a gang member and is playing a dangerous game with you.  I checked my headlights, but since it was 8:00 am and sunny, there was no need for them to be on.  I then saw my life flash before my eyes before realizing that the flasher didn’t look too threatening. 

I drove for another couple hundred yards wondering if/when the third possible scenario would occur.  And then it did – a State Trooper had pulled someone over.  The Good Samaritan motorist was warning me of a cop up ahead.  I was so overcome with magnanimity, I wanted to return the favor.  A smile appeared on my face and I felt my half-empty glass of faith suddenly become half-full. 

Yes, the little things.

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