rotation reply

nice… thanks for the feedback.

when i said new music, i didn’t mean it had to be new releases, just new to the listener. i think that discovering old treasures is just as satisfying (ask captain larby – he loves discovering old treasure, especially pirate booty).

angela: cage is hip hop. probably not your style. you may find it a bit… confining – no pun intended.

what i was most surprised to hear was that ltj was listening to the path. jew or gentile, you be the judge…

<%image(cache/20050722-the path.jpg|600||which path is ltj on?>

3 thoughts on “rotation reply”

  1. 1. Pun most certainly intended.

    2. Path is the latest craze… My favorite track is "Jesus' hands were kind hands!" Absolute genuis.

  2. This guy comes to The Diatribe and immediately starts dropping bombs of absolute genius on us. I am in awe. The 'Tribe has been infused and I like what I'm seeing. Keep it up, Monsieur Ballgame. Jones.

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