Come on Eileen

All comments aside, I can’t believe people like this actually exist:

[ Some Random Radio Station in NYC ]
DJ: Hello ABC Radio, who’s calling?
Caller: This is Jim, from New York City!
DJ: Hello Jim, is there something you’d like to hear tonight?
Jim: Yes, can I hear “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners?
DJ: Great 80’s song, I can definitely play that for you.
Jim: Thanks! I tell you, I haven’t heard that song since the early 80’s.. Really brings me back. Thanks so much!
DJ: Thanks for calling, and always tune to ABC Radio — playing all your 80’s music.

Is this guy serious? He hasn’t heard this song since sometime in the early 80’s? Last time I can pinpoint hearing that song was three weeks ago while heading down to Ocean Grove with the Capn, Angela and Miss Possible. This guy needs to get out more. Or maybe get an iPod.

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