I’ve just arrived today in Sunny San Diego California for a conference that willl last the most part of the week. I opted to go for a run today, in the 65 degree beautiful afternoon and what was amazing is the number of disabled and elderly people that were out on the path today. Though, I tell ya this, I completley understand why. If anything (god forbid) was to happen to me, this would be the place I’d want to come. San Diego is paradise. 70-80 degrees and sunny — year round. Forget San Fran or Florida. This place is the place to be. I think I even saw Maebe and George Michael making out on bench in the park.

One thing that strikes me as odd, though, and I guess it’s always been the case.. is the number of people that still use roller skates out here in California. You always saw it in 80’s movies, etc.. but it’s true. There was a “class” of sorts right on the boardwalk/path in front of our hotel of people on rollerskates — dancing to music. Handbands, short shorts, etc. Right out of some movie. Very strange. They need to upgrade to roller blades, at least.

Anyway, I’ll keep y’all posted about the nicities of California while most of everyone is still back on the cold East Coast. SUCKERS.

1 of 10 most cultured men in U.S.A.


I am poking my head out of the rabbit hole to make this post… I feel I owe an explanation for my absence, but I got nothing. At work, I don’t have time to surf/read anything and when I get home, I really don’t want to be on the computer. Plus, I’ve had nothing good to write. All of my posts have always been commuting related and I felt that was getting a little lame.

Alas, when I finally have something good to write it’s once again about something that happened during my commute. You might start to think that the only things I do are work and commute… I guess that isn’t too far from the truth.

I had just come off the escalator at Grand Central onto the 7 train platform and an older gentleman approached me and asked for the time in broken English. I rummaged in my bag for the cell phone and gave him the time. He then attempted to slip something into my work bag. I was confused and grabbed for it. He mumbled something about take it or read it. I walked away and later read it, which you can see on the right.

606 9586

1 of 10 most cultured men

in USA

relatively sensible


speak 4 languages

On the front, a Leslie Hutchinson – Pianista

That has to be the most interesting, pre-meditated pick-up attempt I have ever seen, if that’s what it was. The man walks around with this card… how many of them I wonder… uses a diversion, ‘do you have the time’ to slip a woman the card. I will not be calling POUR CAFE, no matter how relatively sensible the man may be. Obviously, anyone who hands out cards to pick up women is definitely only relatively sensible.

Matthew Strikes Again

While I’m on the subject of strange business practices, while walking to the PATH this morning, I noticed a new sign by our friend Matthew, who is at it again, with his bizzare signage trying to get people to use his services. I wish I had my camera with me to take a snapshot of his latest advertising attempt.

This time, the flyer was very oddly put together:

Need work done? Matthew can help:
Dog Walking + Cat Sitting + Cleaning + Yard Work + Advertising Needs + Much Much More…

Then there was a large list of things he can do, but instead of using bullets, he used periods, so it read like this:

.House Sitting
.Dog Walking
.Bulletine Boards [sic]

And again, another typo in the ad. One of the greatest additions to his latest advertising effort is his thoughts that the reason that people aren’t him up on these items is because they don’t have enough ways to get in touch with him. Email and phone weren’t enough, instead he has added the line “Need something soon? Send me a text message at xxx-xxx-xxxx.” He also had something strange on the bottom that read “If you left a message, and you haven’t heard from me in a few days, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for Jay.” Now, what does Jay have to do with Matthew? I don’t get it. And if this guy is that eager for business, why would he not return your call for several days? What kind of operation is this?

B of A at JSQ

You’ve probably never been to the Bank of America in Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ — and I recommend you keep it that way. This has to be one of the most disorganized branches I’ve ever seen, to the point where I know that if I need to talk to a teller, I’d better set aside at least an hour in order to get anything done. You need to talk to someone at one of those desks, better clear off an entire afternoon.

Now, I know that things at this particular branch are bad. I’ve several fights with the management about the lines, and extremely long waits to speak with someone. I assume that the management has decided that the wait is actually a problem, and in order to assuage the customers waiting in line, they’ve added a new feature. Right near the windy-ropes keeping the clients in line for a teller, they’ve added one of those large AV-Carts you saw in High School with a large TV and VCR to play movies. Today, they were showing Rookie of the Year. You know, that crazy baseball flick about the Chicago Cubs signing a 12-year old boy that has an amazing arm after some strange surgery mishap?

Apparently this is supposed to calm those angry customers that have wasted an hour out of their day waiting in line trying to get quarters for laundry. It’s a good thing I’m a relatively patient person.

Feel Good Story of the Month

I was watching the 6 pm news yesterday evening and as he was signing off, anchorman Jack Williams urged me to stay tuned to the CBS World News at 6:30.  Jack Williams has been an anchorman with WBZ-Boston since the 1970s, and I grew up with him.  So, when Jack speaks, I listen.  He urged me to watch a feel good story about a special young man.  Jack was so excited about it, he nearly flung himself over the anchor desk.  That was all I needed to hear/see.  I kept the dial on CBS, even though this human interest story didn’t air until 6:53 or so.  I was not disappointed.

LTJ keeps changing things around on the admin end of this blog, so I no longer know how to add a spiffy link.  Instead, get to this link however you can: 


It’s well worth it.  As I watched this brief story last night, I have to admit, I got misty.  I’m no macho tough guy, but I’m also no big softie.  Well, this story touched me.  It reminded me that people are kind.  It reminded me that a little encouragement can go a long way.  It was the perfect way to cleanse my mind of all the negativity that had just flashed before my eyes, care of the nightly news.  Watch the video, if you can.  I tip my cap to Jason McElwain.  May this be only the first of many walls you break down, my man.

Taking a day out

To follow up with Cool Jesus’ great philisophies on life, I found this very interesting tidbit on To-Done, a blog about ways to improve your life in various ways. The basic concept is to take a day out — not a day off — but rather a day out. A day to focus on those important, but yet often overlooked, things in life — exploration, human contact, and observation. A very cool concept, if you ask me. Reminds me a lot of the way that I like to celebrate the Jewish High Holidays in October.

From the Deep Recesses of My Mind

I don’t trust anyone that is overly religious.

I don’t trust anyone that is an atheist.

I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink (recovering alcoholics notwithstanding).

I don’t trust anyone who drinks way too much (myself notwithstanding).

Speaking rationally, calmly, and maturely to a person who is trying to get you to stoop to their level and exchange f-bombs is a sure-fire way to win the argument and maintain your dignity.

Correcting someone’s pronunciation or language usage in conversation is a sure-fire way to annoy them.  Correcting someone via email doesn’t go over much better.

Being able to dance to your very own “our song” with your significant other is a beautiful thing.

Flowers and gifts on St. Valentine’s Day go over big.  Flowers and gifts in September go over even bigger.

Watching a 401(k) grow can become addictive.

I wonder if watching Jeopardy! helps make me smarter.

I wonder if watching everything else makes me dumber.

Even when The Price is Right gives away nice cars, they seem to be lesser models without all the bells and whistles.  Why is this?  What’s the point of giving away a huge pickup truck that doesn’t even have four-wheel drive? 

I’m throroughly enjoying hearing all the TV people mispronouncing Slutskaya because they’re afraid to say “slut.”

Addendum:  While driving on the highway, never remain behind a vehicle with anything strapped onto it or behind it.  At least Final Destination 2 was good for something.

You can call me Ben… or Jerry for that matter

Well, maybe it’s not quite there yet.. but yesterday was my first experience in Ice Cream production. This has been a thought of mine for quite some time now, and thanks to my father, I’ve recently received an Ice Cream Maker that allows me to start this dream.

Well, my first attempt at making this tasty frozen treat (Heavenly Hash) was somewhat of a flop. It tastes good, but it’s not exactly ice cream. The problem (of course) is the lack of real milk and cream… but I’ll work that out. Just need the right ingredients and the right recipe — and it’ll come with time — wait and see.