For quite some time I used to be a huge fan of Rob Brezney’s for Horoscopes. I’d send them out to friends on a weekly basis, and found them remarkably accurate. Something has happened over the past few years, however, and I’ve found Rob’s insights slightly less accurate.

Last month during the midst of a particularly trying and confusing period in our lives, Miss Possible brought her favorite horoscope site to my attention. Without going into any detail, as I’d prefer to leave all that out — I found AstrologyZone’s Horoscopes to be incredibly accurate down to the day.

The same holds true for this month, so far.. now, here’s where I begin to question — does believing in a horoscope only further perpetuate it’s truthfulness? Are they just vague statements about any particular person’s potential path that anyone can read into it and find truth? I doubt it. At least not the long analysis that AstrologyZone makes for each month.

I recommend taking a look at their site and checking out their horoscopes — as it’s fairly insightful. If you find any specific truths feel free to leave a comment, as I’m intrigued to see how accurate they are for other people out there.

One thought on “Horoscopes”

  1. Read the tea leaves! And for Apollo’s sake, listen to your soothsayer! If I had, I wouldn’t have been perished on the Ides of March.

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