Trebeck Gets it Right…A Decade Later

I was watching Jeopardy! the other evening, and one of the answers (in case you live in a cave, on Jeopardy!, the answers are given first and the contestants supply the questions) involved something about “quahogs.” I scanned the answer on the screen before Alex Trebeck got to that word and I waited. But to my surprise, he pronounced it correctly. I said to Swedish Girl, “He pronounced it right this time. Good to see he learned from his mistake.” I then explained how nearly 10 years earlier, I was watching Jeopardy! (with Captain Larby, I believe) and Trebeck mispronounced “quahog” as it looks (kwah-hog), which is not the correct pronunciation (ko-hog). I cringed when I heard it the first time because this is the man who is supposed to know everything…or at least pretend that he knows everything (hey, it’s not like we don’t know that he has all the answers on those blue index cards). Trebeck is the man I love to hate (well, hate is much too strong a word, so I’ll say I like to pick on him). He relishes showing off his over-the-top French pronunciation and he shows no shame when he breaks out his Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation (or any other outlandish-sounding celebrity), but apparently he possesses no knowledge of shellfish. But he came through a decade later and made my day.

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