Your Last Meal

Okay, you have to pick your last meal.  It can be anything you want, however many courses you want, and comes with any beverage (alcoholic or not) you want.  What will it be?

As for me, I have very little idea.  I’ve had discussions with friends about what our favorite foods are and I’ve never really been able to nail anything down.  I know I’ve had some dishes that have knocked my socks off, but I’ll be darned if I can remember them all.  In a pinch, I might go with clam chowder, fried clams with tartar sauce, cole slaw, french fries, chocolate mousse cake, and enough champagne to choke a horse.

What about you?  What’ll you have?

10 thoughts on “Your Last Meal”

  1. Drink it up, and heavily too. This will be the one time you won’t have a hangover. All top shelf. Remy Martin Louis XIII will suffice.

  2. I LOVE the class participate, CJ.. Very clever. I’d have to say, though, this is interesting for me, considering I would be able to the things I normally can’t — primarily dairy. So, I’d have to go with the following:

    Beverage: A bottle of the finest californian cab money I could afford.

    – Appetizer: Small Pizzeta’s & Scallops wrapped in Bacon
    – Soup: Broccoli & Cheese (never had it, but it sounds divine)
    – Main Course: A rare piece of Filet Mignon with the garlic butter sauce at 10th & Willow in Hoboken
    – Desert: A banana split sunday with Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby Ice Cream
    – Digestif: A glass of the finest port I could find.

    I think I’d be fairly satisfied with this meal..

  3. Hmmm – funny, they were talking about this on the radio this morning.
    My beverage of choice would have to be Cranberry juice and water/
    Food: Spaghetti with chunky HOT tomato sauce – meatballs and peeled and boiled potatoes (don’t ask…totally an country bumpkin Sicilian thing)
    Then it would be Brown rice with shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream (not the fat free kind) and Salsa – lots of it! THEN….egged, bread crumbed and fried in olive oil chicken cutlet – drowned in lemon juice with a side of French cut green beans also drowned in lemon juice. For dessert…orange and vanilla creamscicle ice cream slightly melted to make a soupy gooey pile.

  4. Let me be the first to ask for help in scheduling an intervention for Cool Jesus. Are you feeling lousy or something?

    I’d have to go with something I don’t like, just so I don’t get my hopes. I mean, after finishing a nice meal, I am usually happy, and going out that way would bring more of a tear than if I have chopped liver with tomato juice. I’d probably want to be shot after that meal anyway, so at least I’d be in the mood.

  5. I agree with Cool Jesus that it’s tough to nail down one favorite dish so my last meal would have to be a buffet of all my favorite dishes… And we’re not talking Country Buffet or Hometown Buffet here… We’re talking gourmet buffet, like what LTJ get’s to eat for lunch every day 😉

    I would say there would have to be at least one dish with pineapple in it, as I really enjoy pineapple. There would have to be some Navaratan Korma and Peshwary Naan prepared by my favorite Indian restaurant, Diva in Davis Sq, Somerville. Usually, I avoid red meats, but I think some steak served on swords would be cool at my last meal (like the time we went to dinner in NY at a Brazilian Churrascaria). Mashed potatoes. And of course, lots and lots of warm, soft dinner rolls. Yum!

    The buffet would definitely need some high-quality sushi of salmon and tuna.

    Since I’m going all out and breaking all the “no red meat” rules, I would also add some of my memere’s famous meat stuffing that she makes for X-Mas and Thanksgiving.

    I really enjoy strawberries as a dessert and also chocolate. I think a chocolate fountain with strawberries and pineapple for dipping would be yummy. But it has to be dark chocolate without milk as I would want LTJ to be able to enjoy the fountain as well.

    For drinks, a bottle of Peju’s finest juicy red. Scorpion bowls, with long straws piggy-backed together, to harken back to our going away party in Boston. Guinness on tap, the keg imported straight from Ireland.

    Ok. Now I’m starved! Can I have my last meal delivered for lunch?

  6. Soooo- – based on your comment above, are we assuming that if you are going to the elctric chair, you are bringing LTJ with you 😉

  7. LTJ, broccoli & cheddar soup is awesome. It’s the only soup I’ll eat at Panera, and when they don’t have it, I flip out and kill the whole town.

    Vandelay, you know I only feel good when I feel bad. No intervention necessary. If I don’t have something to bitch about and be morose about, then I’m dissatisfied.

    I’m still waiting for Captain Larby to profess his love for the $2.99 special from Charlie Chan’s.

  8. Cool Jesus, I love the broccoli & cheddar soup from Panera especially in a bread bowl. That’s the best. Add that to my buffet!

    I don’t know if you guys watch the HBO show Rome, but I would want to eat my dinner in that style, where the aristocracy lay back on chaise lounges and just grab whatever food they like off the tables.

  9. I’ve only had soup in a bread bowl once or twice. Clam chowder, I think. I kind of prefer a regular glass bowl with bread on the side. I have a fear of eating or removing a key hunk of break and having my bread bowl springing a leak. And if I had to cover it with my mouth, that would burn.

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