Hello Pot? This is Kettle.

If you followed the news today about our dear President, you’d likely have noticed his sudden concern for the environment. He came out today insisting that 15 nations need to start to curb their greenhouse gas emissions over the next decare or so in order to help protect the environment.

In the same speech, he came out and said that the United States “takes this issue very seriously,” and that “…The way to meet this challenge of energy and global climate change is through technology, and the United States is in the lead.” This is news to me.

Considering that the rest of the world has been working to reduce carbon emissions since the 1997 Kyoto Agreement. President Bush has stated that he does not support the Kyoto agreement due to the exceptions granted to China (the second-largest producer of carbon emissions). The catch, is that both China and India have ratified the proposal but are not forced to comply in order to encourage the development of their emerging economies.

Today, he comes out and criticizes other country’s efforts in reducing emissions, but what has the United States done? President Bush has skirted the issue every which way, and his statements today are just another way get out of accepting the stricter German-led initiative that will be discussed at next week’s G8 Summit.

These 599 days can’t come quick enough.

Fourteen and a half

As of this writing, the Red Sox are currently leading the American League East by 11.5 games over the second place Baltimore Orioles, though this is not the highlight of the standings box. For all intents and purposes, Orioles could be 1 game out of first place, and yet I’d still have a sense of satistfaction when I look at the standings.

For the first time since May 29, 1984, the Yankees are 14.5 games out of first place. Following the news and stories surrounding the poor start the Yankees have faced this year is just as exciting as the great start the Red Sox have had. Though, despite being ahead of the Yankees by 15 games in the Win Column, I still can’t seem to shake that they have the opportunity to come back. They did it in 1978.. My only hope is that 2007 will be different.

I anxiously await the headline atop the New York Times ‘Joe Torre Fired” — but I may need to wait until the end of the season. I write this post as a moment in history. A statement of fact that on May 30, 2007 — the Yankees are now officially 14.5 games out of first place. What will happen in the last four months of the seasons is completely up-for-grabs, but for this moment.. let’s relish in the spotlight.

Man, why couldn’t this have happened last year — when I was living in Hoboken. A giant smile would have come across my face each time I walked by the Yankee Laundromat .

Lost with Mixed Emotions

Tonight is the Season Finale of the show LOST on ABC. It has been building up to a great finale, and both Miss Possible and I are very much looking forward to this evening’s two hour episode.. but at the same time, we know that we will be faced with the longest LOST hiatus we’ve ever experienced.

The show is set to return in January 2008, which means that the fans will be lost-less for nearly 7 months (a lifetime if you ask me). Considering that I devote approximately 2.5 hours a week to the show, if you include the various podcast and articles discussing the show, it’s going to be a very sad seven months.

Sigh.. I have no idea how I’m going to feel when the show actually comes to an end in 2010.. unless there is an absolute resolution, it will definitely be one of the saddest days. But, at least we have a little while until we have to face that unfortunate day…

For now, it’s just a seven month hiatus.

Here Come The Larby’s

That’s right.. we’ve got a number of visitors coming over the next few weekends.. Arriving this evening is none-other than The Captain and his wife, Mrs. Larby… We’re looking forward to hosting them for a weekend of California fun.

And then arriving next Friday is my dad and his fiancee, who are exploring the beautiful state of Oregon for a week or so before they make their way down to the exquisite Silicon Valley. We hope to show them a great time in our new neck of the woods as well.

All-in-all it should be a very exciting couple of weeks!

Just checking in

I’m relieved that CBS decided to renew ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for a third season.  My man Petro, who is also a big fan, sent me the good news earlier today and I was probably more happy than I should have been, considering it’s “just a TV show.”  Having such a clutch show on Monday nights is immeasurably good for my psyche.  When I come home on Monday evening after being slapped around by the post-weekend workday return, it’s nice to come home and have something to look forward to.  Something to take my mind off everything.

Having at least one good show on a Monday night really shortens the week.  Tuesdays suck.  Wednesdays suck.  Thursdays are stellar.  And then Fridays are all about going out and getting liquored up.  Incidentally, it’s just about summertime and the best TV series EVER is already in the midst of its 106th season.  That’s right, Red Sox baseball.  At least CBS can’t threaten to cancel that.  Only Mother Nature can do that, and that’s why on nights like tonight I’m sitting here blogging rather than watching the game.  Lucky you.

The Birthday Post

There’s a note in my calendar today that says “Write Birthday Post.” It’s been there since at least January. At the time that I put this note in my calendar, I probably had some great revelation as to what should be written on the 29th anniversary of the day I was born.

Unfortunately, I failed to write down the details and was stuck with a daily reminder each day this week to this so-called “Birthday Post.” Well, here it is folks. The “Birthday Post.” I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. There. now I hit snooze for another 365 days on that event.

A net loss

Today, my brother-in-law, Bubba, emailed me with this question: “What is humankind’s greatest contribution to earth?”

I paused for a moment or two and gave it some thought. Not surprisingly, I came up blank. It seemed to me that the only positive contributions on our part have been band-aids to fix the things that we’ve already destroyed. I thought for sure Bubba would come back with an answer, since he is an Environmental Science/Geology professional of sorts. But he drew a blank, too. That’s when Ray Manzarek’s organ intro and John Densmore’s high-hat started playing in my mind. The Doors’ ‘When the Music’s Over’ is about many things – anarchy, social unrest, death – but I’ve long held firm that it’s the first song to tackle the theme of environmentalism. I didn’t live through the 1960s, so I could be wrong. Maybe Country Joe & The Fish broached the subject. Maybe Peter, Paul & Mary did. However, I don’t recall ever hearing an environmental plea set to music until a friend turned me on to The Doors when I was 14 (Mike Dunlop, if you’re out there, drop me a line here on The Diatribe). Here’s the reply I wrote Bubba, which (pardon the egotism) I thought took care of my blog posting for tonight…

We cut down trees. We pave over grass. We eradicate the rain forests.
We eat or kill (for sport) every animal we find. We poison the soil.
We poison the water. We poison the sky. Listen to ‘When the Music’s
Over’ by The Doors. Jim Morrison wrote the first ever song about
environmental awareness (well, it includes a section about that topic

What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to our fair sister?
Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her
Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn
And tied her with fences
And dragged her down!

Wii are addicted

That’s right, yesterday I bit the bullet and went out and bought a . I’ve wanted one for quite some time, but they’re still nearly impossible to find out here on the west coast. I waited in line for about an hour at my local Toys R Us store yesterday morning at 9am, and received the 22nd of 24 Wii’s the store received that day. A few more minutes, and I may not have been so lucky.

In any event, let me say, that the game system lives up to the hype. Miss Possible and I spent nearly the entire day yesterday playing Wii Sports. We created out and faced off in every game (including Boxing), but Bowling & Tennis are by far our favorites thus far.

We’ve yet to figure out the “flick of the wrist thing” and needed to move the ottoman & coffee table out of the way in order to jump onto the Tennis Court yesterday afternoon. I know that I’m a little stiff this morning from the action and Miss Possible felt sore last night.. I guess that shows how out of shape we are.

But, the Wii is a lot of fun. The graphics aren’t even a quarter as good as that of the 360 or the new Playstaion 3.. but I’ve never had so much fun playing a video game. I’m looking forward to some of the other games including Zelda or Super Paper Mario. Leave it to Nintendo, to come up with something so fun and exciting as the Wii.


It’s Sunday evening and that would usually entitle me to a couple of frosty pops as I try my damndest to stave off the fast-approaching Monday work day.  But this Sunday evening, I’m knocking back the cold ones with a bit more intensity and fervor.  I’ve been wronged in one of the most egregious ways a man can be wronged.  I was the victim of a hit and run “accident.”  I walked out this afternoon to find that, while my car was parked on the street outside my apartment, someone had crashed into it.  No note.  No witnesses.  No hope.  I’m just now starting to break out of my day-long near-catatonic state.  I feel utterly and miserably maligned. 

It’s not even the $500 insurance deductible and the fact that I’m going to eat the cost of repairs.  It’s the fact that my beloved car is crumpled and someone out there got away with it.  It’s an awful feeling.  Something similar has happened to me before, but that doesn’t help make this any easier to swallow.  Nothing makes this easier to swallow.  It’s as if I left my poor, defenseless car out on the vicious jungle of a street and it was sodomized.  My car was sodomized and there’s nothing I can do about it.  Just an awful feeling. 

That birthday money I just got from my parents?  Oh, that’ll make a slight dent in my body work bill.  No fun purchases for Cool Jesus.  So, I’m here as the evening relays the baton to the nighttime and I’m relying on some good music to sooth my pain.  Happy birthday to me.