Here Come The Larby’s

That’s right.. we’ve got a number of visitors coming over the next few weekends.. Arriving this evening is none-other than The Captain and his wife, Mrs. Larby… We’re looking forward to hosting them for a weekend of California fun.

And then arriving next Friday is my dad and his fiancee, who are exploring the beautiful state of Oregon for a week or so before they make their way down to the exquisite Silicon Valley. We hope to show them a great time in our new neck of the woods as well.

All-in-all it should be a very exciting couple of weeks!

One thought on “Here Come The Larby’s”

  1. Thanks for an awesome weekend, LTJ and KP! Mrs. Larby and I had a blast. My arm is still sore from playing the Wii Friday night. I had a dream on the plane that I was in a crazy maze house being stalked by feral cats and sea lions. What do you suppose that was about?

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