My First Shaker

Holy Moly! We just experienced our first earthquake. It registered a 5.6 and was located about 15 miles East of where we live. The house was swaying — very surreal feeling — and Bogart didn’t even know what was going on.

I recall a story The Captain once told me about hearing pebbles and rocks “jumping” outside, after a small Quake in Boston. And I think that’s the best way to describe it — a low rumble, rocks and pebbles falling, the apartment shaking and swaying.

When I first saw the Quake reported, it was stated as about a 3, which concerned me.. “If this is a 3, what’s a 7?” But — after a few minutes, they adjusted the reading to a 5.6. Much more in-line with what I’d expect a “5 or Moderate” Earth Quake to feel like. Whew.

So, I guess we’re no longer Quake Virgins.

Update: According to the 11pm News, this was the biggest Quake to hit the Bay area since the Loma Prieta Quake of 1989. Additionally, the only thing to have shifted after more careful evaluation of the apartment was ‘Naughty Betty,’ who appeared to be 3″ skewed, but still hanging and perfectly safe.

We Did It!

You know it, the Red Sox are the 2007 World Series Champions! The Rockies (or Rookies as I’ve been calling them) looked weak throughout the entire series. Whether it was the 8 days off, or if it was just a fluke that they came up big at the end of the season is beyond me. Either way, 21 out of 22 ended abrutly when they came to Fenway.

While the Red Sox looked like a experienced ball club — their opponents looked like newbies to the Post Season. The Denver Post disagrees:

The Red Sox were too everything in winning their second title in four years. Too strong, too good, too expensive…. Their pulse slow on the sport’s biggest stage, their team looking every bit a $143-million bully (The Red Sox posting bid for Daisuke Matsuzaka $51.1 million nearly equals the Rockies’ $54-million payroll).

If you ask me, that’s Bullshit. The entire team played very well, but the key players in the series were: Lowell, Pedroia (a rookie), Ellsbury (a rookie), Okajima, and their starting Pitching. While Schilling, Beckett, and Matsuzaka were a little pricey, the other big ticket players didn’t do much. The young guys came up big and without them, the team would never have won.

The Rockies were chumps and rolled over. Who knows what happened, but they couldn’t cut it when it mattered most. Same with the Indians. Sorry guys — maybe next year. Time to go open that Champagne.

World Series, here we come

Just when you thought the sox were out — they pull you back in. While I dislike the continual references to the 2004 ALCS, which was a much more amazing comeback (4 straight against their arch rival) and much more satisfying, I’m glad to see that the Sox pulled it off.

I wasn’t nearly as “on the edge of my seat” or losing sleep as I was 3 years ago, but I have been glued to the TV. So much so, in fact, that when our cable went out yesterday afternoon around 3:30pm PST with the game only 1.5 hours away, I started to panic. I ran around our complex, trying to see if there was a TV in another building that might have power — no luck. I then started to try to find a nearby bar that I could go to, in the event that the cable was not back. I even tried to get all of the radios in the house to pick up the AM channel that would carry the game, but it was a failed effort. Finally, 10 minute before game time, the cable miraculously came back and I could watch the game in peace.

I tell ya, though… After the first five innings of last night’s game, I have no fingernails left. Unbelievable game. Matsuzaka wasn’t perfect, but he was pretty damn close. The offense was still on fire (with the exception of the two big guys in the middle). To be honest, I’d rather have the entire lineup hitting with the exception of Ortiz & Ramirez than have the opposite. That’s what happened in Games 1-4, and once they went cold the rest of the team came up big. Fantastic.

The key to the Indians loss, though, was their youth. Playing in the ALDS is stressful, but the Yankees didn’t have it. Also, the ALDS isn’t the same sort of pressure that you have when you’re playing in the series before the world championship — the semi-finals. With the exception of CC, their entire pitching staff is just so young: Carmona, Perez, Betancourt. These guys were lights out all season — but when push came to shove, they fell apart. Fielding errors, lack of clutch hits, and stupid baserunning mistakes cost them the game last night. All things that could’ve been avoided, if they’d have been more experienced and more able to handle the pressure.

Here we come Colorado. Oh, and one more thing: You can take your 21 of 22 wins streak, and shove it up your &*#@$… Welcome to Fenway.

Carbon Credits

As part of , I wanted to take a moment to talk about carbon credits. Just this past weekend, my friend Jeremy came to visit from Rochester and did the environmental thing of buying carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions generated by his individual air travel. Miss Possible and I have toiled with the idea of doing something similar for our wedding, and if this is the case, I’m sure you’ll be learning a lot more about this next July.

Basically the carbon credit market is a place to buy and sell the right to emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Here’s an example from Wikipedia:

Consider a business that owns a factory putting out 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in a year. Its government then enacts a law that limits the emissions that the business can produce. So the factory is given a quota of say 80,000 tonnes per year. The factory either reduces its emissions to 80,000 tonnes or is required to purchase carbon credits to offset the excess.

After costing up alternatives the business may decide that it is uneconomical or infeasible to invest in new machinery. Instead may choose to buy carbon credits on the open market from organizations that have been approved as being able to sell legitimate carbon credits.

The credits purchased are likely either from a company that does not reach it’s yearly quota (and wishes to sell their excess) or from a company that is involved in an action that reduces the damage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (ie. plants trees). The fact that there is a limited supply of carbon credits on the market, then makes it worthwhile to offset your personal carbon emissions — which will then reduce the availability of credits for those companies that wish to pollute.

If I still had my red Nissan Sentra from high school, the cost to offset this car’s emissions for a year (averaging 12,000 miles per year) would be $39.95 via . So, when you’re thinking about what you can do to save the environment. Think about offsetting your carbon footprint by buying carbon credits to contradict your emissions, the next time you fly or renew your registration.

A Sociable Social Networking Site

I have to thank my co-workers Becca and Heba for getting me to sign up for late last year while we were working in what we lovingly call “the dungeon.” I never really paid much attention to my Facebook profile, but I realized instantly that I liked it more than .

Over the past several months, I’ve acquired several friends and joined a few groups. And just recently, Facebook announced a new feature called “Applications” — which lets anyone develop third party applications that can be embedded within your profile. Some are as simple as a better way to send messages to your friends, others are movie quizzes (to share & rank your movie trivia knowledge w/ your friends) and then there’s the Red Sox Nation app, that lets you show your support and move up the ranks of the “Red Sox Organization” as you cheer and encourage other users to sign up for the application.

Facebook is clean. Facebook is useable. Facebook is Fun. These are three distinct features that MySpace does not have. Myspace is the World Wide Web of 1997, with flashing backgrounds, images, and horrible background music. I mean seriously, can you please tell me how these two sites are different: MySpace and The World’s Worst Web Page.

So, I’m happy to say that in a few short weeks I’ll be retiring my MySpace profile. Not completely, however, but more simply I’ll be removing all my personal information and replacing it with a single link:
Stop The Insanity. Look for me on

The Yankee Demise

Call it sick, but I get such pleasure out of reading about the Yankees demise. Almost more than reading about the Red Sox Winning — is that bad? Is this wrong? Maybe it’s the cocky attitude of the Yankee players and fans that gives me this warm and cuddly feeling when the Yankees lose. Not sure.

Despite what some people think (coughcoughMrsLarbycoughcough), I’m counting down the days until Steinbrenner hastily fires Joe Torre. Joe Torre is one of the best managers in baseball — anyone that can turn a team from 14.5 games out to 1.5 games out of first in just a few months has something special. Despite not having made it past the first round of the playoffs for the past three years, he’s successfully made it to the post season for the last consecutive 12 seasons. When you talk about the Curse of The Century — look to theplayers, not the manager. A bunch of star athletes all wearing the same uniform does not make them a team — just ask Cleveland.

Being the Red Sox fan that I am, I revel in the fact that Joe Torre may be on the way out. With him, a number of his players may hit the road as well. Knowing that this fantastic skipper is no longer running the show down there in New York, will make me rest just a little easier the next time the Yankees visit Friendly Fenway. I mean, seriously, is there really someone out there who could possibly be better than Joe Torre? I doubt it.

As for Joe’s future, I’m sure there’s a team that’s going to sign him — and I fear said team.


Yep, that’s right. That goodness it’s the weekend. Spending the last three weekends travelling, I’m looking forward to spending the weekend watching Post Season Baseball and playing some Halo 3.

Yanks have lost, so it’s a good start so far.