Who are these people??

There’s one thing I’ve never understood, and that’s the appeal of Black Friday. So, while I might be able to understand the sick, twisted fascination to go out and buy holiday presents on the craziest shopping day of the year.. but who are these people that get up at 5am to hit up target and “beat the crowds?”

Why bother? It seems to me that these sorts of people either have nothing to do and get off on this sick sort of behavior or just want the bragging rights of being able to say “I went shopping on Black Friday and lived to tell the tale.” Do you want a bumper sticker or something?

Please. Give me a break. Stay Home — there’s plenty of time to shop tomorrow.

I heart WordPress

Have I ever mentioned how much I like the WordPress platform? It’s really a remarkable blogging / page management Content Management System.

It’s so extensible that you can pretty much find some kind of plugin (or make one) to do what you want. There’s so much documentation and help available as well, that it makes learning the system pretty painless. Granted, I’ve never written plugin or anything, but I’ve found my way through some PHP goodness to get what I need to out of the system.

But what’s better, is that just tonight I was able to install the new WPhone Plugin which allows you to easily access your blog’s admin pages using your iPhone. It’s nearly perfect — and now I can blog from anywhere.

Watch out, Diatribers.. I’m Mob-blogging now!


There’s nothing better than a little Patriots Football on a Sunday night. Especially when the Patriots obliterate the Buffalo Bills 56 – 10 (as it stands now in the Fourth Quarter).

While the weekend wasn’t extraordinary, we did manage to mail out the Save The Dates, update my Dad’s web site, beat ‘Beautiful Katamari,’ and even re-architect the back end of The Diatribe, so it’s more easily upgradeable.

So, while I didn’t really leave the house to do much more than go grocery shopping once or twice, it was an incredibly productive weekend.


Man, it’s been so quiet around here — you could hear a pin drop. Well, between traveling and getting a sick, everything outside of work has really taken a back seat.

Can’t wait for the weekend for some time to relax, catch up, run some personal errands, and get back to my life.