Sleeping in airports

Frequent travellers take note… If you ever need to sleep at an airport, I highly recommend SFO — not that you typically have much choice in the matter.

What’s nice about SFO is that besides some relatively quiet music and an occasional page for a passenger, there isn’t much being broadcast throughout the airport. Unlike our adventure at LAX after returning from the Dominican Republic, where there was an announcement every 7 minutes “Welcome to Los Angeles International Airport…”

Just something to keep in mind.

Christmas Music

So, I’ve found that for some Jews.. there’s a fascination with Christmas songs. I am one of those Jews. Ever since High School or so, I’ve fell in love with Christmas music. Thing is, I’m not talking about Christmas Carols or anything.. I’m talking about what I have dubbed ‘Alternative Christmas Music.’ What I mean by that is Tori Amos doing “Little Drummer Boy”, U2’s “Baby Please Come Home (For Christmas)”, The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping”, and even Fountain of Wayne’s “I want an Alien for Christmas.”

But, I think my favorite Christmas tune has to be Jill Sobule’s cover of Robert Keen’s “Merry Christmas from the Family..” Here’s a YouTube Clip of the Song (No Video) , but you can find a tribute via lyrics are after the jump..
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From time to time, one thing I enjoy doing is going into and searching for places that I visited, lived or enjoyed. For example, searching for:

Reims, I can view all of the photos of Le Place D’Erlon, Notre Dame de Reims, and the other places that I remember visiting when I lived there in 1998.

or try searching for your High School and see what you get.

It’s a fun trip down memory lane. Unfortunately for Miss Possible, ‘The Bench‘ turns up too many results to sift through.


Man, we’ve really lost our thick skin as we head into the winter season. It’s been “cold” out here for about 3 weeks or so now, and we’re freezing. Now, let me clarify what I mean by cold. It’s currently about 49 degrees here — with a low tonight going down to 36.

50 Degrees — and we’re bundled up like ski bunnies. I guess it takes just about a year for your body to adjust to a new climate. Unfortunately, I’m headed back to Boston next week on business just in time to get hit with another storm hitting the Northeast.

I might survive for the three days that I’ll be visiting the Boston Google Office, but — the two weeks that I’ll be out there for holiday break — is going to be C-O-L-D. We’ll be excited to come back to the ‘balmy’ California weather. Heck, in Boston, 50 degrees is shorts weather after a cold winter.

I guess it’s all relative. Anyway, time for me to get my hat, scarf, gloves, and jacket — to take the dog out for a walk. BRRR.


Man.. doing a wedding registry is hard work. We managed to brave the mall traffic today to register at what was originally supposed to be “a few places.” After 5 hours, we came close to finishing off our registry at Macy’s. We still have a lot of cleanup to do and adjusting of what was recorded (changing colors, adding missing set pieces, etc.) But, man it’s tiring.

I have to admit, though, that doing your registry at Macy’s is completely worth it. As registrants, we get 10% back on all of our purchases between now and our wedding date. We also get 10% back on anything purchased off our registry (so, go nuts my friends!). There was even deals that said “if you spend $x on y brand, you get a free gift.” Very crazy.

So, it was a blast running around the store — picking out our formal & casual dinner plates, flatware, cooking utensils, etc. Anything you want — scanned. Done and done.

The one thing, though, is that afterwards Miss Possible and I agreed that we felt like we shopped like mad and had nothing to show for it. We were feeling as though we were excited to come home and look at all our goodies.. Well, unfortunately, that will have to wait. July is just around the corner.