Outside Lands

We bit the bullet. This morning at 10:00 AM PST, we bought tickets to the upcoming Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco in August. The lineup is truly amazing, from our perspective, but they get you with $25+ in service fees per ticket. Absolutely ridiculous.

The headliners include Radiohead, Jack Johnson and Tom Petty.. but the list just goes on from there. There’s no camping (and no food) but we’ll deal with that.. It’s just about as good as any bonnaroo lineup.. and besides, the chance to see Radiohead live again.. holy moly!

* Radiohead
* Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
* Jack Johnson
* Beck
* Wilco
* Manu Chao
* Ben Harper
* Widespread Panic
* Primus
* Rodrigo y Gabriela
* Steve Winwood
* Cafe Tacvba
* Broken Social Scene
* Regina Spektor
* Devendra Banhart
* Cold War Kids
* Galactic’s Crescent City Soul Krewe
* Lyrics Born
* Andrew Bird
* Steel Pulse
* Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
* M. Ward
* Drive-By Truckers
* Matt Nathanson
* The Cool Kids
* Two Gallants
* Dredg Little Brother
* Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
* Donavon Frankenreiter
* The Mother Hips
* Black Mountain
* Sidestepper
* Nellie McKay
* The Coup
* Goapele
* Bon Iver
* Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk
* Sean Hayes
* The Felice Brothers
* Rupa & the April Fishes
* Back Door Slam

WordPress 2.5

While this probably means very little to most of my readers, the diatribe has now been upgraded to the latest version of , version 2.5. As a reader, there’s probably very few things that you might notice about the site — but from an author’s perspective the entire admin UI is much cleaner and nicer.

I was actually thinking of putting together a site redesign at some point.. it’s been a good couple of years since I’ve done any changes to the site’s design, so it may be time to start playing around with it a bit. I think my goal is to do it sometime before the end of the year — so, stay tuned.

In the Belly of a Spin Doctor

It’s funny, every time I hear the song “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors on the radio I recall this one memory from my childhood. The song was released in 1992, at which point I was about 14 years old. The memory is of my mom, my sister, my grandfather and I driving home from the mall in Buffalo where I purchased two cassettes tapes: “Pocket Full of Kryptonite” by The Spin Doctors and “Star” by Belly.

I remember that it was Buffalo, because prior to going to the mall we had stopped somewhere in Batavia to visit a friend of my grandfather’s. I also remember my grandfather pointing out Attica Prison which is located just south of Batavia a town of the same name.

While the memory is only really the tip of the iceberg, what I really begin to think about is the two specific albums that I had bought that day. Back then, the Spin Doctors were incredibly popular with their hits ‘Little Miss Can’t be Wrong,’ ‘Two Princes,’ and ‘Jimmy Olsen’s Blues.’ They were basically a requirement for any 9th grader at the time. Belly, on the other hand, was an “alternative’ rock band that had really only one popular song ‘Feed the Tree’ — if you even want to call it “popular.” Even today, if you review the Wikipedia Entries on the Two Bands, The Spin Doctors have a much longer and complete entry than Belly.

The ironic thing about this, though, is the I still own (and listen to) Belly’s “Star.” I put it on just the other day, actually, and probably listen to it at least a few times a year. Even if I still owned “Pocket Full of Kryptonite,” listening to it would be more of a novelty than anything else…

So, I ask you this.. which band is better? The band that achieves fame, rock star status, and has a song that could probably be identified by most common Americans my age in less than 10 notes? Or, the band whose album still makes it through my rotation even though they never achieved great recognition or achievement?


I have a lot of pet peeves.  Grammar mistakes, both spoken and written, are among the worst in my book.  Someone taped a note up in my building stating that “…the carpets are going to be ripped up and replaced with the week.”  Well, that sign went up at the beginning of this week.  It’s now Friday evening.  The old carpets are still out there in the common areas.  There seems to be an epidemic of people using “within the week” rather than “within a week.”  There’s a big difference between the two and most people seem to neither notice nor care.  Within the week would have meant that the carpets should be ripped up by now.  Within a week means that the management company still has a few days to make good on their claim.  This type of sloppiness comes into play in my job once in a while, too.  If someone requests something of me “within a week,” then I make damn sure to clarify their timeframe because the people that use both terms interchangably are the same people that will nail me for not reading their mind and not doing something within the (five-business-day) week instead of within a (seven-day) week. 

After a long layoff, it feels good to be back at the old complaint department.

Get Arrested

I had read a month or so ago that there was a possibility of an Arrested Development Movie.. but I think that this listing on IMDB makes it much more credible.

This would be great news! My bet on the storyline? I think that Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character (Maggie Lizer) is going to make a return citing that the actually has a baby fathered by Michael. I recently watched the 2nd season episode ‘Out on a Limb,’ which is about Maggie having a baby by Michael — but it turns out that the baby is actually being mothered by another woman for a gay couple.. (don’t ask). So, at the very end, Maggie takes a Pregnancy test and finds out that she’s actually pregnant after hooking up with Michael (yet again).

In true AD style, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this at least makes an appearance. I have to believe that the the writers of the show are not going to try to appeal to mass audience now after facing their demise by a lack of mass appeal. There’s going to be plenty of winks and nudges, I’m sure. Seeing Annyong on the cast makes it interesting — but who knows. Glad to see the reference.

PS. And MP says “…this cannot make up for the fact that AD was canceled. One movie does not make up for the seasons and seasons of joy that we could have had. That’s all.”

The Carpool Lane

Because of my fuel efficient vehicle (read: Hybrid), I’m one of the lucky 200,000 Californian residents that can drive the car pool lane during regulated hours even without any additional passengers in the car. This goes through 2010, and let me say that I’ll be extremely sad the day that I lose my HOV lane access.

As it is, I cut about 40 minutes off my commute on Highway 85 from Los Gatos to Mountain View.. The traffic is often at a stand-still and I’m able to zip by on my merry way.

What makes this benefit even more special is on days like yesterday.. where somewhere between the exit for El Camino and Homestead on 85 I saw a bright yellow Lotus stuck in traffic. I thought to myself.. this guy might be driving a $60,000+ car, but he’s stuck in traffic — and I’m not. He should’ve bought a Prius.

Improv Everywhere

You may have seen these guys before — they’re a troupe known as that does improvisational randomness at fun public places. Some of their previous mischievous projects included: Installing a bathroom attendant in the Times Square McDonalds, invading Best Buy with hundreds of volunteers dressed in blue polo shirts and khakis (standard Best Buy Garb) to confuse the unsuspecting shoppers, among others.

I found this latest assignment particularly entertaining and wanted to share.. Enjoy the show.