Snipes get Sniped

I think I completely missed this story and to be honest, probably never would have heard about it if I hadn’t been listening to BBC news this evening in the shower.

Did you catch this? Wesley Snipes has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for failing to pay taxes. It’s not just the fact that he “failed” to file taxes — it’s not as if he forgot.

He defied filing taxes.

He felt that he was not obligated to pay taxes for some reason. If you ask me, someone who makes that much money deserves to pay taxes more than anyone. I mean, seriously. You’re a success as far as the public is concerned — and yet of all people — you feel that you don’t need to contribute to the country that helped make you famous?

C’mon. Wake me up when you wise up, Willie Mays Hayes.

Luggage Update

Well, there’s good news and bad news.. we made it to Montreal, but just barely. I opted to “gate check” (aka. give control of my luggage to the baggage monkeys at United) my carry-on bag as I didn’t want to sit in seat 4F and have my luggage stowed above seat 30A. After further review of the situation, I obviously made the wrong decision.

At the time that I handed over my bag, they told me it was being checked all the way to Montreal — YUL airport. When I got to LAX, the flight staff then was saying that I would find my bag at the baggage claim. They even told me this after I de-planed and talked to the woman at the front counter for United. After going down to the baggage area and not finding my bag, I went to the baggage claim desk and she said that the bag is _likely_ to be sent all the way to Montreal, though they mis-wrote the airport code as UYL not YUL. Great.

This was the time of the last post — luggage debacle.

Our plane was 30 minutes late getting into LAX and after the debacle we were already running late. Our plane was set to depart at 11pm and it was about 10:10 at this point. We wait about 10 minutes for a shuttle and finally get to terminal 2 at about 10:25 and head straight to security. The line was terribly long and the woman let us take the elevator up to the top level of security to short cut everyone.

When we got up there, though, the TSA person insisted that Scott didn’t have a real ticket — but rather a confirmation number. He said we needed to go back down to the desk and get a real ticket. We objected. He called over a supervisor. Supervisor proved him wrong. We went through security. Bam!

We’re on the plane, we both slept very little and when we got to Montreal — surprise surprise — no bag. They still aren’t quite sure where it is as of this writing.. so, we’ll see if it makes it at all. I bought some clothes at the Gap ($150 for a simple cotton dress shirt, two undershirts and 2 pairs of boxers). I grabbed some simple toiletries and all told this lost bag has already cost me about $175. Fortunately, our friends at Air Canada / United are willing to give me a whopping $50/day for 2 days. That should help, but still.

We just got into our rooms and are looking forward to catching some shut-eye. We’re still in very good spirits and no lost luggage is going to get in our way!

Oh No! The Internet’s Gone!

I enjoy watching South Park on occasion — it’s still one of the most provocative and risquee shows available on cable and think it’s often pure genius. Last night’s episode was no exception.

The episode was a mockery of the 1840’s Gold Rush, but instead of Gold, people were looking for Internet — as the internet went down… for everyone. Everywhere. Except for a small community located in Silicon Valley, CA. So everyone flocked to “Californy” to find some internet.

Very clever.. But it does make you think how dependent we have all become on the internet — heck, I wouldn’t even have a job if it wasn’t for this massive series of tubes.

I highly recommend checking it out if you see it on repeats.. it’s a laugh.

Pics from Yuri

I finally got around to putting up the photos from Yuri’s Night. Overall, it was a good time.. though the entertainment was lacking at times and we got a little bored. Perhaps we shouldn’t have tried to get there for 4pm, but rather for 6 or later.. it really started to get good around 1130 — but we were just so exhausted by this point that we had to head home.

Enjoy the Photos:

Off to Celebrate Yuri

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the first human in space. As such, there are parties all across the globe celebrating . We’re fortunate enough to live within 10 minutes of one at the in Mountain View.

The event starts at 2pm and goes to roughly 2am complete with an aerial show, exhibits, 2 stages of bands, 1 stage for speakers and other shenanigans.

We’ve actually teamed up with Scotty L and his girlfriend Katie to head over to the event — so it’s gonna be a good time. Pictures will be taken and posted — so fret not dear readers, you will experience it as well.

In the meantime, let’s get those Red Sox bats going…

What I’ve Been Up To

So, I was thinking the other day of trying to put together at least a weekly post to update everyone as to the random things going on for that week.. a weekly update of sorts. I’m not sure how exciting it’s going to be — maybe you’ll see just how lame our lives are, but here’s the update for this past week..

We spent a good chunk of the weekend playing a rented video game from Hollywood Video, Burnout Paradise for the 360.. lotta fun.. and we’re going to continue giving Hollywood Video our game rental money until Netflix finds a way to incorporate games into their 8-at-a-time plan. 🙂

Wedding is coming along. Miss Possible’s been bustin’ her hump to put together the invitations and she’s done a fine job at that. Our weekly to-do list is growing — pick out the wine, order the ketubah, get rings.. oy.

We figured out the domain for the wedding as well.. I scored the which will play host to all of the fun wedding information as the date gets closer. I also set up on it.. so, I’ve got an obvious email address over there — that looks and acts like Gmail. Very sweet.

FWIW, I also managed to get my hands on a few evernote invitations as well, for those that are interested. Evernote is a “note taking” software that syncs with the web and your phone. According to the site, the goal of the application suite is to be able to remember everything. Take a picture of that bottle of wine and email it to yourself at evernote. Done and done. If anyone’s interested, let me know via comments and I can send ya one.

That’s all I’ve got for this Tuesday.. Can’t wait to see who .

The Ultimate Hand

Way back almost three years ago, I wrote in this space about my search for some hand love out on the roadways of Massachusetts.  What I mean is, when you yield your vehicle for the express purpose of letting another vehicle make a turn in front of you, speed ahead of you, or something like that.  In fact, I’ve been so bummed out lately about the lack of the gracious and thankful hand wave that I have failed to give the hand myself a couple of times.  But I am feeling pretty jazzed up right now!

I was just driving home from work and as I paused when the traffic light turned from red to green to let a driver across the intersection take a left turn in front of me, I sighed and fully expected to be taken for granted.  Nope.  The woman behind the wheel gave me a long, extended peace sign.  In fact, she was so thankful (that’s all I ask), that she extended her arm right across her passenger to her right in order to make sure I saw the peace sign.  I was so happy to see this that I even let the next car take a left turn in front of me.  See what can happen when one generous driver is properly thanked by another?  It leads to a “pay it forward” scenario from which everyone benefits. 

It’s the exact opposite that is ongoing now.  Just the other day, at a red light, someone nearly moved my car out of the way in order to cross my lane and another lane to take a left turn.  I beeped for a solid three-count and then when I passed them, I gave them some hand.  Actually, it was more of a finger.  That really pissed me off, so I was in a semi-road rage mood the rest of the way home.  But let’s hope there are more drivers out there who are okay with the easy give-and-take of pausing, yielding, and showing some hand (of the peace sign or five-fingered variety).