Stupid and Stupider

I left my iPod at home and was listening to a lot of NPR as I travelled around campus and drove to and from work today. As such, I’ve been trying to figure out which one of these two stories infuriates me more:

A. The fact that an oil company accidentally spill millions of gallons of oil off the Alaskan Coastline killing thousands and thousands of plants and animal species (not to mention damage the livelihood of thousands of Alaskans) and, according to the US Supreme Court, is only financially responsible for paying the financial damages incurred by the spill and does not get punished one cent more.


B. The fact that Chrylser, in an effort to be innovative and try to edge out the competition, will be installing internet in their 2009 model automobiles. Why company thinks that it’s more important to spend its R&D dollars on finding ways for drivers to get more distracted on the roads rather than focusing on developing a competitive edge by designing more fuel efficient and less environmentally-damaging engines is beyond me.

Someone’s Ready for a Trip

We went out today to get bogart a new carry-on case for the plane, in preparation for our upcoming trip back east for the wedding. We tried this one out in the store and he ran in there and made himself at home. We’ve never seen him so excited about a carrier!

Bogart's Carry-on

When we brought it home, he laid down in it and starting crying. While we’re not exactly sure why he was so upset — we have reason to believe that he was trying to tell us that he was ready to go on the trip. Over the course of the evening, he already spent several hours in his new carrier. Amazing.

What a Bummer!

Well, that was a bust! I guess the Mozilla servers couldn’t take the bandwidth. I’m not sure if you tried to download FF3, but I had issues most of the day. I was finally able to get my copy around 5pm PST.

Sorry Mozilla — better luck next time. Make sure that you can handle the load, is the moral of the story.

Upgrade Time

What’s that ratty old thing you’re surfing the web with, there? Is that Firefox 2.0? Is that Internet Explorer? I think it’s time to upgrade and make some history.

Today marks the . The newest Mozilla-based web browser is available for public download today and I highly recommend upgrading. It’s significantly faster than most other browsers (especially for a PC) and it comes with a bunch of great new features.

I’ve been using it for about a month now and think it’s absolutely fantastic! But, like Lavar Burton, you don’t need to take my word for it — WebMonkey: Why you should Download Firefox 3 Right Now!.

License Plates

I was following this pickup truck on my way home from the grocery store, completely baffled by his license plate. If anyone can figure out what it means, I’ll buy you a drink.

The plate read:

For what it’s worth, there was a Kansas Jayhawks License Plate Holder — if that provides any hints. Trying to decode it reminds me of the television game show of the 1980’s Bumper Stumpers on the USA Network.


We’ve had the movie Citizen Kane at our house for quite some time, now. I figured it was finally time to watch it last night and though I knew that this film revolutionized the way that movies are filmed and written — I wasn’t expecting anything new or exciting.

I feel like I’ve always been jaded towards the classic movies — but then when I actually sit down to watch them (Casablanca, The Great Escape, etc.) I find that they’re still really good films. The same holds true with Citizen Kane, more-so than any other movie.

It reminded me a lot of Ayn Rand’s novels — and you could possibly argue that it even touched on Objectivism with Mr. Kane’s self-indulgence and motivation to achieve success. All told, though, the film was excellent and I was very impressed.

For those that haven’t seen it, I would definitely suggest adding it to your . Heck, I’m even considering watching it again before I send it back.

Oh yeah.. and that whole Rosebud thing… I loved it!

$31,000 per minute

According to CNet, for every minute that Amazon is down globally — it would cost them approximately $31,000 in sales. This is based off their yearly revenue numbers from last year.

That being said, Amazon has been down in the US since 10:30 am PST (about 1 hour and 12 minutes at the time of this posting). Assuming that this was a global outage, this would cost Amazon about $2.2MM already.

Considering it’s only the US, let’s just cut that number in half.. even so.