Faith Regained!

It’s official. Barak H. Obama has taken the Presidential Oath of Office and is now the 44th President of the United States of America, despite John Roberts’ best attempt to invalidate the oath (just kidding.. it was obviously an honest mistake).

Regardless, it was great to watch the Inauguration coverage on CNN yesterday followed by all of the highlights from the Inaugural balls. Barak and Michelle looked like they were having the time of their lives — as I would hope.

Following the tradition of Presidential transition, George W., left a note for Barack on the desk in the Oval Office. I feel like most of the world would be very interested to know what the letter contains, however, this is obviously only Mr. Obama’s Eyes Only.

Lastly, it was so fantastic to see the country come together and support the new President,  yesterday. It was such a historic day, and even those people in states that do not agree with his political views, still wish the best for him — which is great to see.

After 8 years of doom and gloom, it’s so refreshing to know that someone with such an open mind is leading the country. It’s been too long. Thank you, Mr. Obama. Thank you.