Now this is what I meant to say..

Ok, so this guy gets it. My buddy Pete sent me this amazing blog post on entitled “A Love Letter to the San Francisco Giants.” This is basically what I’m trying to say, but he did so much more eloquently.

I was in Boston for the 2004 World Series, the first time the S won it in 86 years. They won 7 games in a row, coming back from a 3-1 deficit against the Yankees and then sweeping the Cardinals in four straight.  Granted, the Cardinals never walked four straight batters in a row (3 of which on 4 straight pitches).

And with that as my baseline for a city’s energy level during a world series, I have to say that San Francisco is even more excited going on 56 years. The main difference is that everyone in Boston was so pessimistic — always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Here, it’s the exact opposite. Everyone has known all year long, this team was special. I’ve loved watching these guys — they’ve been a hoot!

The sox were so injury plagued this year, I never felt like I knew the team — especially being that it’s hard to catch the games out here on the left coast… In any event, I loved what this guy had to say.. it’s true every word and you can feel it in the air.

World Series Time

Let’s Go Giants!

Even though I’m a Sox fan at heart, living in San Francisco the Giants have now become my NL team. This year’s team is so scrappy and have been fun to watch this year (plus the games are on in my time zone) that I’m so proud of them. Having everyone in this city cheering for them is awesome. It reminds me of 2004, when I was in Boston.. But with less stress. There was so much riding on that World Series that I think a lot of people kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and didn’t really enjoy it. For me, I only have a tangential interest in seeing the Giants win.. so it’s much more fun.

The first two games have been a great success, let’s just see how well the Giants can handle things back in Texas.