Teacher Training: My First Weekend

I guess I might as well just start writing about my experience. At least, as long as I can keep it up. It’ll be my “Teacher Training” series — a six month Special Feature on The Diatribe. Maybe I can finally start making some loot of my blog.

The class sessions for Saturday and Sunday focused primarily on the anatomy of the human body and specifically how your muscles and bones respond to specific actions in the body. A very fascinating (and interesting) way to learn about the various part of the human body — though, I’ll have to admit I still feel as though I have my work cut out for me.

Thinking about the weekend as a whole — from Friday evening through Sunday evening, I’ve spent well over 12 hours being engaged in yoga-related activities. Between practicing at home or at one of the Yoga Tree Studio, my training classes, coloring bones & muscles, and conversing and blogging about yoga —  I’m hooked.

And let me just say — I feel just extraordinarily blissed out. I’ve had many realizations this weekend about my life, the way that I interact with people, the way I am to myself. I am starting to see where this is going. And I really like it.

I’m also really starting to like the idea of teaching. While I might have gone into this for myself — I don’t know what might happen on the other side.


Teacher Training: A New Chapter

Tonight, I started a new chapter in my life. Slightly over a year ago, I decided to participate in a yoga class at work as a supplement to the regular workout routine that I was doing. Shortly after the class, I recall turning to a co-worker and saying how amazing I felt.. Not just the physical, post-workout toned feeling, but a sense of being completely centered and grounded. I had a glow. A clarity of my mind that I hadn’t experienced before.

Fast-forward a year and many yoga classes later and here I am writing this 30 minutes after the end of my first yoga teacher certification class at the Yoga Tree Studios in San Francisco. It’s a 200 hour program that runs just about every weekend from now through the middle of July. This whole week, I was excited but at the same time very nervous. Saying goodbye to free weekends made me hesitant that I made the right decision.

After tonight’s class, I know I made the right decision. I’m so excited to take my practice deeper. Whether I end up actually teaching or not, that doesn’t need to be decided anytime soon. I now know, however, that all the time and money that I’m investing into this program is without-a-doubt one of the best experiences that I will have in my lifetime. I look forward to the many hours of training that I’ll go through over the next 6 months and the great people I’ll get to know as a result.

Besides having one of my favorite teachers, Pete Guinosso,  lead several sessions during the training I was very pleasantly surprised to see another familiar face in my class. During introductions, I caught the smile of a girl I was friends with in Boston some many many years ago. Totally small world.

Throughout the coming months, I hope to update The Diatribe with various thoughts and experiences from my training. If this interests you, stay tuned. If not, stay tuned anyway — you might learn something. Tomorrow, we start with basic anatomy. My brain is going to be overloaded with memorizing bones, muscles, joints and ligaments. But I already know – it’s all going to be worth it.