Teacher Training: A New Chapter

Tonight, I started a new chapter in my life. Slightly over a year ago, I decided to participate in a yoga class at work as a supplement to the regular workout routine that I was doing. Shortly after the class, I recall turning to a co-worker and saying how amazing I felt.. Not just the physical, post-workout toned feeling, but a sense of being completely centered and grounded. I had a glow. A clarity of my mind that I hadn’t experienced before.

Fast-forward a year and many yoga classes later and here I am writing this 30 minutes after the end of my first yoga teacher certification class at the Yoga Tree Studios in San Francisco. It’s a 200 hour program that runs just about every weekend from now through the middle of July. This whole week, I was excited but at the same time very nervous. Saying goodbye to free weekends made me hesitant that I made the right decision.

After tonight’s class, I know I made the right decision. I’m so excited to take my practice deeper. Whether I end up actually teaching or not, that doesn’t need to be decided anytime soon. I now know, however, that all the time and money that I’m investing into this program is without-a-doubt one of the best experiences that I will have in my lifetime. I look forward to the many hours of training that I’ll go through over the next 6 months and the great people I’ll get to know as a result.

Besides having one of my favorite teachers, Pete Guinosso,  lead several sessions during the training I was very pleasantly surprised to see another familiar face in my class. During introductions, I caught the smile of a girl I was friends with in Boston some many many years ago. Totally small world.

Throughout the coming months, I hope to update The Diatribe with various thoughts and experiences from my training. If this interests you, stay tuned. If not, stay tuned anyway — you might learn something. Tomorrow, we start with basic anatomy. My brain is going to be overloaded with memorizing bones, muscles, joints and ligaments. But I already know – it’s all going to be worth it.

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