Teacher Training: A Weekend Off

Whew. I can’t believe that almost two months have gone by since I started teacher training. For the past several weeks we’ve spent most of our time studying philosophy on Friday nights followed by two alignment classes on Saturday and Sunday. The one exception being a functional anatomy weekend hosted by physical therapist extraordinaire, Harvey Deutch.

This past weekend marked the conclusion of the first segment of our training, with our final alignment classes with Chrisandra. We concluded with learning the intricacies of head and shoulder stand — as well as spent some time in small groups leading our own practice.

All-in-all, my alignment is much better than it was before I started. Poses that never felt like a stretch are now a challenge — even child’s pose feels like a brand new experience. Each time I practice in class, I discover a new sequence or a new way of taking my practice deeper. It’s exciting.

All that said, though, I’m very excited for my weekend off. It couldn’t come at a better time. Last month, we were told that we’d likely come to a point where we feel tired and frustrated with the training — I hit that point this past weekend. I’m glad that I can take some time to practice on my own or in class and not have to worry about readings, homework or spending next weekend in class. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with myself — but it’ll probably include Yoga to some degree.

I am most definitely still enjoying it –I’m just looking forward to my weekend off.

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