Cat Massage

Ever since I started The Diatribe, I’ve been getting all sorts of spam. Spam from comments. Spam requests to advertise. Spam requests to be my friend. All sorts of stuff, but my latest email … well, I don’t think I can even classify it as spam, because it seems legit. I figured I’d post the entire email on my blog as well as the link that she shared, because I think it’s hilarious.

If she really did stumble upon The Diatribe and read the last 25 or so posts, she probably saw they were all about yoga.. I have no idea why she thought this would be interesting to my readers, but that’s besides the point. Either way, here’s the email I received:

Dear Brandon,

My name is Candice and I promote content across the web. While searching for some resources, posts and pictures around cats and cat lovers, I came across your site and thought your readers would enjoy this cat infographic.

Many would consider cat paws to be nature’s masseuses, given the natural tendency of paw kneading. This infographic humorously illustrates some techniques you could teach your kitty cat to relieve some of those stress created knots.

The Guide to a Cat Massage [Infographic]

The link also provides the embed of the graphic, which ensures creative commons.

I hope your readers enjoy this graphic! If you have any questions regarding this infographic or any others, please feel free to contact me.

Candice P.

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