Cross-Country Day 1: SF – Bakersfield

Distance: 285.1 miles    ~~~  Travel Time: ~6 hours 

Filled with plants and boxes, I packed up my car (aka. Penelope) and headed off for my last day of work on the west coast. I ended up hitting the road shortly after 3pm to run a few last minute errands in the bay area. By 4:30, I was officially on the road headed towards Bakersfield, CA.

Originally, I was planning on driving directly from San Francisco to Flagstaff, AZ — but after realizing that 12+ hours was probably a bit much for my first day, I opted to split up my drive by heading to Bakersfield, CA on Friday evening. I didn’t really want to end up going back to an empty apartment for another night anyway, so hitting the road seemed like a mighty fine idea.

My trip is expected to take about 9 days, ending in Boston next Sunday.
Here’s my itinerary:

View Cross-Country Drive (SF > Boston) in a larger map

Friday: SF > Bakersfield
Saturday: Bakersfield > Flagstaff, AZ
Sunday: Grand Canyon & Antelope Canyon
Monday: Flagstaff, AZ > Amarillo, TX
Tuesday: Amarillo, TX > Dallas, TX
Wednesday: Dallas, TX > Memphis, TN
Thursday: Memphis, TN > Nashville, TN
Friday: Nashville, TN > Waynesboro, VA
Saturday: Waynesboro, VA > Brooklyn, NY
Sunday: Brooklyn, NY > Boston, MA

This trip is unique for me, in that — with the exception of my visit to the Grand Canyon, my  journey is the vacation itself. I’ve got plenty of music, audiobooks, podcasts, and baseball games to keep me entertained throughout my journey.

Today’s photo comes from the Pacheco Pass Highway. There was a light rain that started to fall while in traffic and the sun was still peaking out from behind the clouds. I grabbed this shot as I was driving, but I ended up pulling over to take some pics with my DSLR that will be posted after the trip.

Tomorrow, the plan is to head out on the road by 9:00 and head to Arizona. Did you know that Arizona does not use Daylight Savings Time, so during the summer there is no time difference between CA and AZ — however in the winter there is a 2 hour time difference. Go figure.

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