Cross-Country Day 3: Grand Canyon

Cumulative Distance: 1267.2mi ~~ Total Travel Time: ~5 hours.

Click for a panoramic view

In order to get to all of the sights I wanted to see today, I had to get up early and hit the road before 8am — and I’d say I was successful. I took the scenic route up to the Grand Canyon and still managed to make it there shortly after 9:30. I spent about an hour and a half there — which is pretty much the most I could handle unless I opted to hike down into the canyon itself (which I didn’t have ┬átime to do this time around).

The canyon was inspiring. Walking around the rim of the canyon was breath-taking and I was quite surprised at the fact at how few guard rails there were. At one point, I noticed a guy that had climbed way out on a jetty and I thought he was insane.

It was kind of like this, but narrower.


As I approached, I saw a father and son (about 8 years old) coming back off the ledge and I thought to myself “If he can do it, so can I..” so I climbed out there too.It was something I had to do to prove to myself that I wasn’t afraid. It wasn’t dangerous, per se. There was no wind today and the ledge was about 6 feet wide — so I felt pretty safe. Even if I did fall, I wouldn’t tumble thousands of feet into the canyon — so I thought it was OK.

My second stop was about 3 hours north at Antelope Canyon. A quarter-mile hike through a canyon about 30 feet deep that was absolutely gorgeous. I snapped a bazillion photos with my DSLR, but only managed to grab a few with my phone, so you’ll have to wait until I get all my pictures uploaded to see the full set. But here’s one so you can get an idea:

My last stop was at a place called “Horseshoe Bend” which is where the Colorado River takes a U-Turn and has formed an amazing Horseshoe Rock formation. Again, my camera phone didn’t quite get that great of a shot due to the sun, but here’s the best I got:

Today was incredible. It was also my only real day to be a tourist — every other day I’ve got a pretty significant drive ahead of me. Not that I didn’t put miles on my car today — I still managed to drive about 5 hours in total. Tomorrow is my longest drive of the trip: 9.5 hours plus a one-hour time change. I’m hoping to hit Meteor Creator, The Dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and maybe even the Petrified Forest, if I have enough time. I’ve gotta get on the road before 8am again tomorrow if I want to make all these stops. That means it’s just about bed time. Good night!

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