Cross-Country Tour Day 5: Amarillo to Dallas

Cumulative Distance: 2132mi. ~~ Total Travel Time: ~8 hours.

Whew. That was a long day. Driving through Texas has been the least exciting day thus far — I had to stop for coffee several times and even busted out two five-hour energies along the way because Texas is just so damn boring.

My first stop of the morning, though, was at a “Texas Landmark” known as Cadillac Ranch. There are essentially ten cadillacs that are buried, nose first, into the ground in the middle of a field. Visitors are encouraged to spray paint and decorate them. You can imagine how much paint there are on these vehicles at this point. On one spot, the paint was starting to chip and it was about 1/4″ thick — and there was still spray paint showing. So, who knows how thick the stuff is.

There are no signs or explanations of the exhibit. It’s just there in the middle of a field with a sign that says “It’s against Texas law to spray paint anything on this side of the barbed wire fence.” Other than that, you just need to park on the side of the highway and walk up to it.

I met a woman with two kids that was driving from Georgia to Utah and she had stopped at Walmart that morning to pick up some spray paint for her and her kids to use on the cars. She was kind enough to lend me some and I put my own little mark on one of the cars:

After a while here, I hit the road towards Dallas — and it was rough. Nothing but very boring farm land, much worse than Eastern New Mexico. If this is any hint of what’s in store for me tomorrow, I’m very worried.

One thing I noticed about Texas, though, is that there is an insane number of white trucks. Everyone has a white pickup or white SUV. Everyone. I couldn’t believe it, so for a ten mile stretch I started to count all of the ones I could find excluding Semis, Vans, and Car Dealerships (I saw two truck dealerships and they had a lot full of hundreds of them! I SWEAR!) After ten miles, on the highway I counted 128. That’s 12.8 white trucks per linear mile.. How is that even possible?  If you own a white truck and go to a baseball or football game, how do you find your car?!?

There’s also a ton of churches and Jesus signs across the entire state. I think my favorite that I saw was “Jesus Doesn’t Tapout” with the MMA Tapout Logo on it. Classy.








I stopped for some Texas Barbeque somewhere in Wichita Falls. It was the highest rated BBQ place in the city and it was pretty damn good. One thing I found very peculiar, however, was some “memorabilia” they had hanging on the wall. It was a piece of wood with almost 100 different types of barbed wire attached to it, each with a name and the date on which it was created (?). Who knew there were so many different kinds?! Only in Texas.

I got into Dallas/Arlington/Fort Worth around 5pm and planned on going to a Ranger’s game. Turns out my hotel shares the parking lot with the Rangers Stadium at Arlington, so it was a quick walk over to the ballpark. I scored some great seats behind home plate and got to watch the Mariners thump the Rangers 10-3. Andrus had two errors at Short Stop which directly led to 3 Seattle runs. Oddly enough, too, Ichiro had 1/3rd of the putouts for the entire game. He caught 9 flyball outs in Right, three of which in the 4th inning. Strange.

I sat 12 rows behind Nolan Ryan — who is named after EVERYTHING in the ballpark. If George W. had been there, I would’ve been peanut-throwing distance from him. I guess he heard I’d be in attendance.

Tomorrow, I’m headed to Memphis by way of Arkansas. Hopefully it’s more exciting than today — I can’t do another 8 hours of boring landscape. I’ve heard there’s supposed to be some thunderstorms tonight. I’ve got the shades open to try to catch some of these exciting storms. I’d rather watch them from the safety of my hotel room rather than from my car — especially as I drive through Arkansas.

2 thoughts on “Cross-Country Tour Day 5: Amarillo to Dallas”

  1. B, when we leave Dallas (visiting Katie’s mom) we often go up I-30, to I-40, to Memphis, then up I-55 to Chicago. I hate to tell you this but Arkansas is pretty darn boring! Not as bad as West Texas, but it’s a pretty mind-numbing stretch. Bring those Red Bulls!

    Love following along with you on your trip. Drive safe, bro


  2. That’s the exact route that I took, actually. I-30 wasn’t nearly as bad as State Highway 287 from Amarillo to Dallas. I-30 was at least an interstate. And comparatively speaking, Arkansas was MUCH more interesting than 287.

    I’m very glad to be out of Texas though. That place sucked the life right out of me.

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