India Trip Report: JFK to Dubai

I figured I’d do a little blogging while I’m on this two-week work trip to Hyderabad, India as part of my “Trip report.” I feel like I do most of my blogging while I’m traveling — but whatever. Anyway..

I took off yesterday morning at 10am from JFK headed to HYD by way of Dubai. The flight on Emirates Airlines was amazing. Each seat was equipped with a TV with 2,000 channels, hundreds of movies, music, and everything else you could imagine. For each section of four seats, there were 2 power adapters and each seat came with its own USB port for charging (Brilliant!)
One of the coolest features, though, was channel that let you switch between three cameras that were mounted on the outside of the plane to see what was going on outside. Having just about the whole row to myself, I had one TV permanently set to the Tail Camera to see what was going on outside.

With all the film choices, I ended up watching Looper first. I’ve been infatuated with this concept and was really excited to sit down to watch it. I fell asleep 2/3 the way through. Go figure.

I woke up about an hour later and ended up watching a few other films: “Deadfall”, which I rather enjoyed, and “Safety Not Guaranteed” — a clever comedy about a guy that took out a classified ad looking for partner to go back in time with. I think this one was my favorite.

The Dubai Airport is quite nice. I’ve never been to an arab country before and while I would’ve liked to have taken a quick tour of the city, I didn’t feel like I really had enough time and didn’t want to risk missing my flight.

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