A Merger and Acquisition

One year, eight months and eleven days ago I went to New York City to hang out with my friend Hillary who I had met on Jam Cruise earlier that year. We’d been in touch throughout much of 2011 and had tried to coordinate a time to get together to hang out. In late September, that time came in the form of a Primus show in New York City.  We immediately knew there was something special and started a cross-country relationship. We kept telling ourselves “don’t worry, we’ll figure out a way to make this work..”

Then in January, we figured it out. I offered up the idea of moving back to the east coast so that we could reduce the distance variable in this long distrance relationship by 90%. And let me say that there’s a lot to be said about dating someone in the same time zone. In June, I said goodbye to my friends, packed my stuff up and drove cross-country to relocate in Brooklyn.

Things got a lot easier after moving to New York. I’d take the bus down to Virginia on the weekends to visit Hillary and the boys, and they’d come up here periodically to hang out in New York — with the end goal of eventually moving in after school got out.  And while  I do miss San Francisco, I’ve really grown to love my Brooklyn neighborhood and being closer to Hillary made it all worth it.

So here I am, on move-in eve. We’ve been counting down the days for over 9 months and it’s finally here. Hillary, Kaleb and Peyton are packed and ready to go. Tomorrow afternoon they’ll make their final drive from Winchester to Brooklyn, to the Park Slope neighborhood that they’ll call home.

At one point, Hillary joked about the move being a  “Home Invasion,” however I quickly corrected her and called it a “Merger and Acquisition.” I’m very excited to be a part of Team DoLewis. I’m excited to acquire two fantastic boys and a wonderful girlfriend and I’m excited for the merging of our lives.

The boys first day here will be Sunday. Father’s day.  And while I don’t exactly consider myself a “Father,” just yet.. I’ll celebrate this year’s holiday to “Male Parent/Guardian Day.”  Next year, you can wish me Happy Father’s Day.

I love you, Hillary.