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Professional History
Brandon Seils grew up in the snowy city of Rochester, New York where he attended Brighton public schools through High School. At that time, he worked several odd jobs including a late-night DJ gig on 90.5 FM WBER and a Kitchen & Bath associate at the now-defunct Chase Pitkin. Upon graduation, he moved to Boston where he earned his undergraduate degree at Northeastern University in International Marketing and a minor in French. During that time, he spent a year in Reims, France studying at the Reims Management School and working for Apple Computer Europe. After college, he toiled away his days at Boston.com wearing many hats including Marketing Producer, DigitalMASS & BostonWorks Content Producer, Tech Producer and eventually Ad Operations Manager. After a quick stint in Hoboken, New Jersey, Brandon eventually moved to Silicon Valley in October 2006 to work at Google. He currently resides in balmy San Francisco helping to develop Google’s display advertising business by day and raging to funk & jazz by night.
Likes & Interests:
Activities: Funkin’ Groovin’, Yoga, Watching the Sox, Enjoying Sliced Apples, Talking to strangers or myself, Conversating with cab drivers, Developing Pneumonic Devices, Convincing people of the value of Fun Dip, Planning for Anti-Gravity, Smirking, & Parallel Parking.
Music: Jam, Funk, Ivan Neville, Galactic, Primus, Balkan Beat Box, Ben Folds, Karl Denson, Massive Attack, Zach Deputy, Bonerama, Cake, The Roots, The New Mastersounds, Radiohead, OAR, The The, Jam Cruise, Juno What, Disco Biscuits, String Cheese Incident, Dave Matthews, Electronica.
Books: Choke, Geek Love, In Defense of Food, Youth in Revolt, Still Life with Woodpecker, Confederacy of Dunces, Cat’s Cradle, Running with Scissors, Everything is Illumiunated, Malcolm Gladwell, In Defense of Food, Everything Bad is Good For You, The Corrections, Infinite Jest, and much more..
Movies: The Big Lebowski, Fargo.. there’s probably more. I just forget.
Television: LOST, How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, South Park, Family Guy, Flight of the Conchords, Weeds, Californication, Eastbound & Down, Treme, CSI and pretty much all of the Law & Orders.
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