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The Evil Empire.

The Yankee Demise

Call it sick, but I get such pleasure out of reading about the Yankees demise. Almost more than reading about the Red Sox Winning — is that bad? Is this wrong? Maybe it’s the cocky attitude of the Yankee players and fans that gives me this warm and cuddly feeling when the Yankees lose. Not sure.

Despite what some people think (coughcoughMrsLarbycoughcough), I’m counting down the days until Steinbrenner hastily fires Joe Torre. Joe Torre is one of the best managers in baseball — anyone that can turn a team from 14.5 games out to 1.5 games out of first in just a few months has something special. Despite not having made it past the first round of the playoffs for the past three years, he’s successfully made it to the post season for the last consecutive 12 seasons. When you talk about the Curse of The Century — look to theplayers, not the manager. A bunch of star athletes all wearing the same uniform does not make them a team — just ask Cleveland.

Being the Red Sox fan that I am, I revel in the fact that Joe Torre may be on the way out. With him, a number of his players may hit the road as well. Knowing that this fantastic skipper is no longer running the show down there in New York, will make me rest just a little easier the next time the Yankees visit Friendly Fenway. I mean, seriously, is there really someone out there who could possibly be better than Joe Torre? I doubt it.

As for Joe’s future, I’m sure there’s a team that’s going to sign him — and I fear said team.

Fourteen and a half

As of this writing, the Red Sox are currently leading the American League East by 11.5 games over the second place Baltimore Orioles, though this is not the highlight of the standings box. For all intents and purposes, Orioles could be 1 game out of first place, and yet I’d still have a sense of satistfaction when I look at the standings.

For the first time since May 29, 1984, the Yankees are 14.5 games out of first place. Following the news and stories surrounding the poor start the Yankees have faced this year is just as exciting as the great start the Red Sox have had. Though, despite being ahead of the Yankees by 15 games in the Win Column, I still can’t seem to shake that they have the opportunity to come back. They did it in 1978.. My only hope is that 2007 will be different.

I anxiously await the headline atop the New York Times ‘Joe Torre Fired” — but I may need to wait until the end of the season. I write this post as a moment in history. A statement of fact that on May 30, 2007 — the Yankees are now officially 14.5 games out of first place. What will happen in the last four months of the seasons is completely up-for-grabs, but for this moment.. let’s relish in the spotlight.

Man, why couldn’t this have happened last year — when I was living in Hoboken. A giant smile would have come across my face each time I walked by the Yankee Laundromat .

Some things will not be missed

With the 2006 Major League Baseball playoffs kicking off this evening, I figured it’d be a great time to mention one key item that will not be missed upon leaving the greater New York City area: The Yankees Fans.

Take a look at Exhibit A:
Yankees Laundramat

This is the window of a Laundramat on Washington Street (between 9th and 10th) in Hoboken. The owner (or I assume he’s the owner, as he’s often sitting outside of this fine establishment) wears one of several Yankees T-Shirts or Jerseys and often will be watching the game (if applicable). Each time I walk by, I thank my lucky stars that we have had laundry in the basement and I do not need to spend any of my precious life in this building.

While we’re not necessarily moving to be closer to the Red Sox, we’ll at least be in neutral territory. The Oakland A’s.. the SF Giants.. neither of which do I have any major issues with (except Mr. Bonds, of course). But, overall, it’ll be refreshing to get away from these slimy Yankee fans.

Here we go again

Well, boys.. here we go again. The Bronx Bombers are going to try to march into Precious Fenway in an attempt to put the end to the AL East race.. and I’m scared. The Sox have not been playing well lately, and though we’re only a game and a half out — thanks to my father’s Orioles — I’m hoping to win the series.

In true Yankee Fashion, they’ve managed to buy the top players in Major League Baseball, and crank it up a notch for the last half of the season. The Sox, down captainless, have been struggling as of late, and hopefully will be able to turn on the gas for the next few games. The starters (from Schilling on down) need to come around, the bats need to be hittin’ and the bullpen needs to snap out of the worst funk that it’s been in since the start of the season.

This is the first Sox-Yankees 5-game series during the regular season since 1973, and it’s no doubt going to be the first of the last few series during the later summer months that will determine the playoff matchup this coming fall. Let’s leave the Wildcard for the AL Central, and let’s knock the Yankees out of the playoff picture starting with a big series this weekend.

Speaking of buying their way back on top.. what are the Yankees going to do when Matsui comes back? Damon, Sheffield, Matsui, and Abreu makes one heck of an outfield, good thing the AL isn’t planning on adding a Rover to the lineup. Maybe the Yankees can buy that too.

In any event.. let’s get into high gear as we come into the last 2 months of baseball.. and watch the Sox try to climb back on top.. starting with a big win this weekend. C’mon boys. Show us what you got!

A first visit to The House

Last night was my first experience visiting “The House that Ruth Built,” also known as Yankee Stadium. Upon arriving at the game, I took one look around and realized that this must be some sort of hell. All the thousands of people wearing pinstripes, yankees hats, t-shirts and other garb, really made my stomach turn.

Our seats were way up in the rafters, right behind home plate.. climbing so high, with such steep seats really made you realize how far up you really are. Really a great view of the entire field and game.. I could see every Error that A-rod made.

The game was a dream come true for any sox fan as well.. watching the Johnson and the rest of the crew fall apart.. priceless. By the sixth inning, I really felt like I was on the confederate army.. watching all the yanks head for the hills.. the place cleared out so unbeleiveably fast, it was ridiculous.. and the fans? Relentless. I’ve never heard such heckling as Randy Johnson departed the mound after his horrible outing. Or the boos coming from the stands as Cabrera came up to bat after dropping a fly ball the inning before.

All in all, it was a great experience.. especially considering the victory.. all this, and I get to go back tomorrow. HOW EXCITING!

A few things on baseball and something overheard

Aaron Boone
God Bless Miss Possible. Last night I was watching the Sox-Indians game in the bedroom, and she’s coming by just as the announcer is saying “On Deck for the Indians, Aaron Boone.” She doesn’t look at me at all, and continues unphased into the kitchen when she yells “That Asshole!” I was impressed.

Barry Bonds and the Giants
Is it just me or does everyone want to see Barry Bonds in Pinstripes playing for the Yankees? This way I can get all the players I hate most in baseball (well almost all of them, Boone is now on the Indians and there’s that little scary/ugly outfielder that used to play for the yankees still running around somewhere) on one team.

It would make things so much easier. Right now, I hate the Giants. Every time Bonds hits a homerun, I know he’s getting closer to the Hank Aaron record that I don’t want to see broken by this baseball-ruining freak. Frankly, I don’t think that’s fair to hate an entire team just because I despise one guy on it — but them’s the breaks.

All this comes up because I had the pleasure to watch afternoon a little of the Mets-Giants game while at the Gym. I then see Barry Bonds come up in the bottom of the ninth and hit a game-tying two run shot.”That Asshole,” I said to myself.

And something overheard…
Walking home tonight, I happened to hear a young guy talking on his cell phone to (i’m assuming) one of his buddies. It went something like this:

“So I called that girl last night.”
“Yeah, I kinda had to tell her everything.”
“Yeah, so she now knows that your name isn’t Thomas, and I’m not a Cab Driver.”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this relationship may be doomed from the start.

Today’s the day

After a long, cold winter — being forced to watch the Red Sox Management make its decisions for better or worse — we’re now set to begin a whole new season.

It’s like stepping into a roller coast that slowly begins cranking its way up to the very first hill. We’re now at the apex and ready for our first decent into what will surely be an exciting season. It’s going to be a whole new team stepping out onto the field today, but a team we’ll be very familiar with a few weeks down the road. A

You could see it around The Boken yesterday. Everyone wearing their Yankees hats, excited about what today would bring. Even wearing my Red Sox hat, the Yankees fans smiled — as we knew the rivalry was about to start back up in a few short hours. Let the games begin, and get ready for an exciting ride!

So Long, Mr. Spoilsport

While I do agree with Captain Larby’s Diatribe about the Red Sox being run as a business, they are also a team in a very competitive market. While Baseball is a very complex game with a number of rules, the business-side of the game has very few. I know that the Red Sox are high up on the list in terms of player salary, but the Yankees are sitting atop the list as the team spending the most for their players.

Johnny Damon and his agent Scott Boras are in the business as well — trying to vie for the most lucrative deal they could find, and play with whichever team is willing to pay the most. This would inevitably be the Yankees, assuming that they have their eye on a particular player.

It’s a damn shame that the Red Sox would not pony up the dough to sign Johnny, although a seven year contract deal would never fly. Johnny proved to be an extremely clutch player for the Sox last year (the Sox were much more likely to win a game if Johnny Damon had a base hit).

If Johnny left the sox to sign with any other team, it would’ve been a sad day for the Nation. But to sign with the Evil Empire? C’mon. I abhor every single player on the Yankees. Just the smug look on their face makes me want to smack them silly. The fact that such a loved Red Sox player is going over to a team which I have so much hate for, makes it very difficult to swallow. Pedro? No problem. Nomar? Yeah, it would’ve been tough, but we would’ve gotten over it. Manny? Please. But JD? Who’s next? Jason Varitek?

See you in the Bronx, Mr. Damon. I hope you enjoyed your last standing ovation at Fenway Park, as you will never hear the Boston Crowd cheer your name again.

Baseball, it’s a business.

This sport will kill you. As a fan, you pledge allegiance to a team and it’s players. Over 162+ games, you ride the tide up a down. Some players you loathe, others you adore. Others come and go and you hardly knew they were there. In 2002, the Boston Red Sox acquired a wily center fielder from the Oakland A’s, a man that, admittedly, I was not familiar with beforehand. But in 4 gritty seasons, he became larger than life. And now, as a result of the mergers-and-acquisitions-style of sports today, Johnny Damon is gone. And not only is he gone, he’s gone to the enemy.

Blame the players? Sure, if that would make you feel better. But not me. Let’s face it, the day and age of the true “franchise player” is long gone. Are they overpaid, money-grubbing babies? Sure. But we still eat it up and idolize them. Blame the agents? Some are referred to as the Antichrist, and they should be faulted for driving contract prices through the roof. But you know what? I can’t do that either. For better or for worse, the old cliché is true: Baseball is run like a business. Dollars and cents. Contract negotiations. Sales pitches. Presentations. Conferences. Wining and dining. You get it, the whole nine yards. Not too long ago I changed careers, effectively joining the rat race of Corporate America. I live it and I get it. Business is cold, a place reserved only for the thick-skinned. So whom do I blame? My finger is pointed at the top of the heap, the Brass. Who holds the President/CEO title? Ludicrous Larry Lucchino.

The Red Sox team is like a company, and when companies fail to live up to expectations you have to look at the leader. This winter, Lucchino has failed time and time again. I only wish Donald Trump could sit across from him at the Yawkey Way boardroom, stab the air with that hand motion he does, and utter those now infamous words, “You’re fired”. Sorry Larry, but you suck. Your company is in turmoil. Make no mistake about it: It is your fault. You have to answer for you failures, and the time is now. I’m reminded of Michael Corleone, confronting Carlo in Part I, “You have to answer for Sonny, Carlo…Don’t tell me you’re innocent”. You’re not innocent Larry. You had a nice run, but these failures are inexcusable. Theo and Johnny, Bill Mueller, gaping holes in the infield and outfield, a clubhouse in confusion, and now a bolstered NY lineup.

Merry Christmas Laughable Larry. Rot in hell.