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Coca Cola BlakI’ve heard about this product for quite some time, and thought that it was an interesting concept. Coca Cola Blak is the fusion of Coca Cola and Coffee (or Coffee-flavored Coke if you prefer). At first thought, you might be like “eewww, disgusting.” But, after thinking about it — the two flavors could go hand in hand. I’ve been anxious to try it ever since I first heard about it.

Today, when I was out to lunch picking up my salad from the PATH deli in JSQ, I found that next to the cans of Red Bull they had small bottles of Coca Cola Blak. I had to buy one. Approximately 8 fluid ounces (very small bottle) and $1.99 — I wouldn’t recommend it just based on the sheer price per ounce ratio.

Upon opening it, however, I felt confused. At first there’s a very sweet taste of coke, followed by a fizz, and then a very subtle black-coffee finish. Very strange. I liked it at first.. but halfway through the bottle (and I’m glad it was so small, now) I’m starting to get sick of the taste. I think it’s the sweetness. But, it’s basically like really sugary, carbonated black coffee.

In a nutshell, it might be worth the $2 to check it out.. but as a regular purchase — I’d have to recommend against it. Sorry Coke.

Matthew Strikes Again

While I’m on the subject of strange business practices, while walking to the PATH this morning, I noticed a new sign by our friend Matthew, who is at it again, with his bizzare signage trying to get people to use his services. I wish I had my camera with me to take a snapshot of his latest advertising attempt.

This time, the flyer was very oddly put together:

Need work done? Matthew can help:
Dog Walking + Cat Sitting + Cleaning + Yard Work + Advertising Needs + Much Much More…

Then there was a large list of things he can do, but instead of using bullets, he used periods, so it read like this:

.House Sitting
.Dog Walking
.Bulletine Boards [sic]

And again, another typo in the ad. One of the greatest additions to his latest advertising effort is his thoughts that the reason that people aren’t him up on these items is because they don’t have enough ways to get in touch with him. Email and phone weren’t enough, instead he has added the line “Need something soon? Send me a text message at xxx-xxx-xxxx.” He also had something strange on the bottom that read “If you left a message, and you haven’t heard from me in a few days, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for Jay.” Now, what does Jay have to do with Matthew? I don’t get it. And if this guy is that eager for business, why would he not return your call for several days? What kind of operation is this?

B of A at JSQ

You’ve probably never been to the Bank of America in Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ — and I recommend you keep it that way. This has to be one of the most disorganized branches I’ve ever seen, to the point where I know that if I need to talk to a teller, I’d better set aside at least an hour in order to get anything done. You need to talk to someone at one of those desks, better clear off an entire afternoon.

Now, I know that things at this particular branch are bad. I’ve several fights with the management about the lines, and extremely long waits to speak with someone. I assume that the management has decided that the wait is actually a problem, and in order to assuage the customers waiting in line, they’ve added a new feature. Right near the windy-ropes keeping the clients in line for a teller, they’ve added one of those large AV-Carts you saw in High School with a large TV and VCR to play movies. Today, they were showing Rookie of the Year. You know, that crazy baseball flick about the Chicago Cubs signing a 12-year old boy that has an amazing arm after some strange surgery mishap?

Apparently this is supposed to calm those angry customers that have wasted an hour out of their day waiting in line trying to get quarters for laundry. It’s a good thing I’m a relatively patient person.

Baseball, it’s a business.

This sport will kill you. As a fan, you pledge allegiance to a team and it’s players. Over 162+ games, you ride the tide up a down. Some players you loathe, others you adore. Others come and go and you hardly knew they were there. In 2002, the Boston Red Sox acquired a wily center fielder from the Oakland A’s, a man that, admittedly, I was not familiar with beforehand. But in 4 gritty seasons, he became larger than life. And now, as a result of the mergers-and-acquisitions-style of sports today, Johnny Damon is gone. And not only is he gone, he’s gone to the enemy.

Blame the players? Sure, if that would make you feel better. But not me. Let’s face it, the day and age of the true “franchise player” is long gone. Are they overpaid, money-grubbing babies? Sure. But we still eat it up and idolize them. Blame the agents? Some are referred to as the Antichrist, and they should be faulted for driving contract prices through the roof. But you know what? I can’t do that either. For better or for worse, the old cliché is true: Baseball is run like a business. Dollars and cents. Contract negotiations. Sales pitches. Presentations. Conferences. Wining and dining. You get it, the whole nine yards. Not too long ago I changed careers, effectively joining the rat race of Corporate America. I live it and I get it. Business is cold, a place reserved only for the thick-skinned. So whom do I blame? My finger is pointed at the top of the heap, the Brass. Who holds the President/CEO title? Ludicrous Larry Lucchino.

The Red Sox team is like a company, and when companies fail to live up to expectations you have to look at the leader. This winter, Lucchino has failed time and time again. I only wish Donald Trump could sit across from him at the Yawkey Way boardroom, stab the air with that hand motion he does, and utter those now infamous words, “You’re fired”. Sorry Larry, but you suck. Your company is in turmoil. Make no mistake about it: It is your fault. You have to answer for you failures, and the time is now. I’m reminded of Michael Corleone, confronting Carlo in Part I, “You have to answer for Sonny, Carlo…Don’t tell me you’re innocent”. You’re not innocent Larry. You had a nice run, but these failures are inexcusable. Theo and Johnny, Bill Mueller, gaping holes in the infield and outfield, a clubhouse in confusion, and now a bolstered NY lineup.

Merry Christmas Laughable Larry. Rot in hell.