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Camp Emosewa
L-R: Alegra, Sean, Scottie, Dan, Katie, Rose, Brandon & Neil

It’s been a few weeks since we left Black Rock City, NV and I’ve been holding off on writing about my experience until I’ve had enough time to reflect and digest all that transpired. I think I have just about reached a point of understanding, however it’s probably not what you’re going to want to hear. I’ve realized that there I an unable to put my experience into words. Everyone I had talked to prior to the event said that each person has their own “experience” — and I never quite understood what that meant until now. But the most important thing I learned out on the playa is is how great our group was.. Camp Emosewa1, the best Playa family I could ask for.

Going into Black Rock City, I knew a lot about the event and what to expect. And now, after I’ve had a chance to think about my week, I can say that it was exactly as I had expected and nothing like I had expected. I knew that thousands of people come to the desert to build a city, a self-sufficient community of art and expression, in a place in a beautifully desolate environment.

Prior to heading to The Playa, we spent two days in Reno, NV staying at the Peppermill — the most amazing hotel & casino I have ever seen. We spent much of our time with my friend Carrie, who lives in Reno, and gave us the insider’s guide to the city. After much anticipation, we finally departed Reno around 8pm on Sunday with a goal to arrive at Black Rock City around 12am — exactly when the gates open — so that we can set up and get a good night’s rest. While it’s true that we got in line around Midnight, however we did not actually find an open area to set up camp until around 3am. After spending two hours in the dark setting up a very complex shade structure and car port, we were informed by our neighbors that we could not set up camp there because they had claimed it. About 15 minutes of drama ended with them telling us “you’ll need to talk to our camp leader in the morning.” It all ended up working out, and they were extraordinarily nice neighbors, but this highlights one important point about Black Rock City: The only resource that anyone is defensive about is land. Once your camp is set up, everyone is a loving, sharing resident of Black Rock City.

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Some years I’m excited about birthdays. Some years, not so much. Unfortunately this year falls into the latter category. There is no particular reason for my lack of excitement. I’m generally content with where I am at this point in my life. Considering that birthdays are generally the time when you reflect the most about your current situation, I would say that my situation has passed the Birthday Test.

For whatever reason, though, I have made every attempt to hide the fact that it is my birthday this year. I have hidden this information from my Facebook page, I’ve intentionally avoided any birthday-related activities, and, quite frankly, would love for this week to be over as quickly as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with getting older — it’s all clearly laid out in life’s rule book. For what its worth, we get older every day, it’s just that we just use one calendar day of the year to represent the point at which your age becomes age+1. But, again, I hide.

Being 31 wasn’t that exciting, but only the Great Sea of Life (N.S.) knows what I have in store during my thirty-third year of life which officially begins today. Perhaps this is the direction that I need to take.

Perhaps that’s the purpose of this writing… An opportunity for me to re-evaluate the perspective that I bring to birthdays. Rather than focusing on being another year older, I should instead celebrate the clean slate which I am now given to work with. Similar to the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah , this is my opportunity to start anew.. a fresh start. Celebrate endings and new beginnings.

Regardless, I don’t have the luxury to go into complete hiding this week — and chances are by the time next weekend rolls around, I’ll want to go out and party once again. So I’ll stop my complaining and just suck it up like I do any other week — this one just happens to have an annoying milestone in the middle of it.

The Recovery: Part Deux

After my discharge from Beth Israel hospital in New York City this past Monday, I quickly flew back to California to rest and recover. The parting words from the doctor went something like:

You will probably have some pain for the next few days, but as long as it progressively gets better you will be alright. Within a week, you should probably be feeling back to normal.

With that advice, I resumed a semi-normal life back in San Francisco. For some reason, though, yesterday I started to feel almost worse than I had in several days. Throughout most of the day while I was working from the confines of my comfy bed, I noticed that my pain level was increasing. Additionally, I was pretty much in constant pain all day long — no matter what I did.

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Photos from CA

We’ve been taking a couple of weekend trips lately, and I thought I’d take a moment to post the pictures from the various weekends. The first was a trip out to Arnold, CA — which is about an hour south of Lake Tahoe, for a weekend with some friends. The second was an exciting weekend a few weeks back when we headed down to Monterey, CA for a day of Whale Watching and the Monterey Aquarium. Check out the photos.

New Apps

Like I said in an earlier post, I apologize for my absense, however it’s hard to think of witty and interesting things to go on about — when I’m using up all my creativity from posting on twitter. Regardless, though, I grabbed the latest version of Safari today from Apple — and it’s a pretty sweet web browser.

For those that have been around these parts for a while, you have probably seen my various advertisements for Firefox. Even on my mac, I’ve been a huge supporter of the ‘Fox.. but I think the latest enhancements to Safari are enough to warrant my conversion. The fact that it’s blazing fast and has some great new UI features. As a mac user, Google has yet to release a version of Chrome that I can use — though that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Using a browser based on Webkit (Chrome or Safari) is the fastest experience you’ll have on the web.

On a related note, I logged into The Diatribe admin interface today for the first time in a month or so — and I was pleasantly surprised. At some point, I upgraded to WordPress 2.7 — which has an entire new Admin UI. It’s much more user friendly and easier to navigate. Serves me right for not posting sooner.

I can’t make any promises for more frequent posting — though I’ll do my best

Obama Wins

Barack Obama is now set to become the forty-fourth President of the United States of America. I can finally breath easy, now that the political race is over.

Once again, I am proud to be an American and I know that President Obama will lead this country in the direction that it needs to go — after 8 years of lies, corruption, deceit and failed policy (not to mention the lack of respect from our allies).