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Did LTJ sign up for this?

Poor LTJ… we lived together long enough before getting married that he had to know what he was getting in to, but I still don’t envy him dealing with me in the mornings. Anyone who has ever tried to get me up can sympathize with LTJ’s plight. At our wedding, my mom happily handed the torch off to him.

Here’s a funny incident from this morning (last night I told him to try to wake me up early… hahaha):

LTJ: Trying to wake Miss Possible up.
Miss Possible: Fighting not to get up
LTJ: I don’t know how I’m supposed to wake you up, if you don’t want to. You ask me to wake you up, then you yell at me. What am I supposed to do??
Miss Possible: Leave me the F alone! Go read the documentation and leave me alone!!!
LTJ: Read the documentation on what?
Miss Possible: Stop asking me how to do things, and just go read the documentation for yourself!

Later today my wonderful husband wants to confirm that I got up and reiterates to me this lovely story. His final words on the subject: Would you care to write said documentation?

I guess I was having a nightmare about all the documentation I wrote last night 😉

The sad thing is this isn’t even close to the worst of these wake up stories.

An Exclusive Club

I’m not sure what our friend in the Philly area is calling himself in blogtopia these days, but this is more or less a narrowcast blog with him in mind.  After this Saturday, he and I will be members of an exclusive club consisting of Northeastern alumni godfathers.  I’m sure there are many of us out there, but I still prefer to think of this as an exclusive club.  Humor me.  I became a godfather on my recent trip to the homeland of Lithuania and I have to say that the experience was intense, humbling, honorable, and touching.  I might not get to see my godson as often as you will get to see your godson in the state next door, but the newfound honor still feels just as powerful. 

In the sartorial department, I went all out for this event.  I don’t recall exactly what Michael Corleone wore when he became a godfather (not “The” Godfather, which actually happened concurrently at the end of the first film), but I decided to get decked out in a white linen suit, complete with a white Panama hat.  I’m hoping to post a photo or two here soon, but in the interim let me tell you that everyone said I at least looked the part of a godfather.  And when you look good, you feel good, so I was halfway there before the ceremony even began.

Honestly, I probably didn’t give ample thought to becoming a godfather.  I gladly accepted the offer and set about preparing for the baptism.  It wasn’t until I was actually there and getting translated little snippets from Swedish Girl that I understood that I was now involved in a lifelong undertaking.  Not being able to understand what was being said in the various Lithuanian ceremonies allowed me to daydream about the situation.  By the way, my daydreams were interrupted by a couple of mandatory vodka shots and various other centuries-old traditions.  Not how I usually spend a Sunday morning, but when in Rome…

My own godfather, God rest his soul, wasn’t a hands-on type of godfather, but even still, I knew he’d lay his life on the line if need be.  He didn’t live long enough for me to reach the age that I could bum a beer off him and have some quasi-adult conversations; this is one of the chief regrets in my life.  So, I’m looking forward to sharing a similar bond with my godson.  This might be in a convoluted mix of Lithuanenglish, but I’m sure it’ll all work out.

So, to my old friend who is about to join this club, I welcome you aboard.  Perhaps we’ll end up comparing notes once in a while.  Either way, it’s a lifelong duty that I’m sure you’re embracing just as much as I am.

What I’ve Been Up To

So, I was thinking the other day of trying to put together at least a weekly post to update everyone as to the random things going on for that week.. a weekly update of sorts. I’m not sure how exciting it’s going to be — maybe you’ll see just how lame our lives are, but here’s the update for this past week..

We spent a good chunk of the weekend playing a rented video game from Hollywood Video, Burnout Paradise for the 360.. lotta fun.. and we’re going to continue giving Hollywood Video our game rental money until Netflix finds a way to incorporate games into their 8-at-a-time plan. 🙂

Wedding is coming along. Miss Possible’s been bustin’ her hump to put together the invitations and she’s done a fine job at that. Our weekly to-do list is growing — pick out the wine, order the ketubah, get rings.. oy.

We figured out the domain for the wedding as well.. I scored the which will play host to all of the fun wedding information as the date gets closer. I also set up on it.. so, I’ve got an obvious email address over there — that looks and acts like Gmail. Very sweet.

FWIW, I also managed to get my hands on a few evernote invitations as well, for those that are interested. Evernote is a “note taking” software that syncs with the web and your phone. According to the site, the goal of the application suite is to be able to remember everything. Take a picture of that bottle of wine and email it to yourself at evernote. Done and done. If anyone’s interested, let me know via comments and I can send ya one.

That’s all I’ve got for this Tuesday.. Can’t wait to see who .

Here Come The Larby’s

That’s right.. we’ve got a number of visitors coming over the next few weekends.. Arriving this evening is none-other than The Captain and his wife, Mrs. Larby… We’re looking forward to hosting them for a weekend of California fun.

And then arriving next Friday is my dad and his fiancee, who are exploring the beautiful state of Oregon for a week or so before they make their way down to the exquisite Silicon Valley. We hope to show them a great time in our new neck of the woods as well.

All-in-all it should be a very exciting couple of weeks!