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Little Bogart is growing up. He’s off to the Groomer’s today to get his very first hair cut. Miss Possible made it very clear to me that I am to insist that they do not shave his body, but at the same time do not do anything like this.

Maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll do something like this:

Pictures will be posted later this week — so stay tuned!

The Latest in Shaving Technology

A topic of frequent discussion amongst the readers and contributors of the Diatribe has been shaving technology. Some feel that the advancements made by Gillette have been earth-shattering, while others feel that the Schick Tracer (circa 1998) is still the best shaver on the market.

This past weekend I bought the latest Gillette Razor (The Fusion Power). Now, the key that Gillette has learned is that not only can you charge more for the cartridges if you add more blades, but you also must include new features in the cartridges in order to entice buyers into the product. Adding a fourth blade to the Mach 3, just ain’t gonna cut it.

This time the addition was a single blade on the back side of the razor that makes it particularly easy to trim sideburns, around the nose or the corners of your mouth. The four blades also make it a lot closer and cleaner of a shave — which I wasn’t particularly expecting.

And for those of you that have not yet switched to the battery-operated razors, I can’t recommend them enough. The buzz and vibration makes it nearly painless to trim up even the most serious stubble. I can’t speak to the ability of trimming goatee’s or other facial hair designs, but I will tell you that the single blad will certainly make it much easier to groom something like that.

So, I’d have to say, that while making the step to the new Fusion cost about $10 and will cost about $15 for a package of new cartridges.. I think it’s worth it considering how close of a shave I got today. Just my two cents.