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Updates and notes about the site.

Mixing it up

So, I’ve been meaning to give The Diatribe a bit of a makover for a while now.. Last night, I happened to be reading some of my feeds and I happened to come across a neat new type of theme known as “Magazine” style.

I liked the style and figured I’d use one of the pre-made templates and tweak it to be a little more diatribe-style. I can always revert back to the Diatribe 2.0, but I figured I’d give this one a shot for a bit and see how it works.

Feel free to leave some feedback and let me know what you think!

Welcome, jjj!

One of the greatest thing about our wedding was seeing so much family and friends that I’ve not seen in years! One such family member is my cousin, jjj, who I had not seen since I was about 18 — twelve years ago. After hanging out at the wedding and some back-and-forth via email, I realized that he would make a great addition to the collaborative diatribe that is The Diatribe * net.

After much careful deliberation, jjj agreed agreed to join up and contribute. So stay tuned and put your kidneys together to help me welcome our newest author — jjj.

New best of the web

Best of the web hasn’t been around for a while.. so, I came up with a new option courtesy of >a href=””>Google Reader. Any items that are marked as shared will appear in the headlines to the right.

The link in the top nav now points somewhere good now, too — to my Shared Google Reader Page. This should help keep these items new and fresh… How fun!

WordPress 2.5

While this probably means very little to most of my readers, the diatribe has now been upgraded to the latest version of , version 2.5. As a reader, there’s probably very few things that you might notice about the site — but from an author’s perspective the entire admin UI is much cleaner and nicer.

I was actually thinking of putting together a site redesign at some point.. it’s been a good couple of years since I’ve done any changes to the site’s design, so it may be time to start playing around with it a bit. I think my goal is to do it sometime before the end of the year — so, stay tuned.

No new updates

As you can probably tell, I’ve been MIA for the past week or so. Miss Possible and I have been on vacation this past week, touring the beautiful California Coast with her family. Regularly scheduled updates should start back up next week..


Ok folks.. thanks to the for WordPress, I was able to seamlessly integrate my Flickr galleries into The Diatribe. While it does get a little messier if you want to order prints, it’s not the end of the world — it’s an easier interface overall.

Personally, I think I’m over hard copies of photos anyway.. with the exception of the rare few that you need to put in frames around your house. Photos are meant for sharing experiences and good times, right?. When you have prints, you invite friends and family to gather around and look at the photos of your trip to [insert cool place here]. Isn’t that the same thing as having them online and sharing them virtually? Then your friend/family can see them from wherever they are, at their convenience.

As long as you have a sturdy backup of your photos, you can order prints whenever you want (to frame, etc.) and you have them always.

Back to the story at hand, though.. clicking the photos link in the nav or going to you will be able to easily browse our latest Flickr photos. This includes the newest gallery of . Be sure to check them out!

Top posts of 2006

It seems like everyone in the Blogosphere is writing various 2006-related posts.. “My music of 2006″,”My cities of 2006″,”My Favorite Movies of 2006”, etc. Unfortunately I have a hard time separating one year from the next.. it’s all one big blur for me.

With that in mind, I give you the top ten most trafficked posts to the Diatribe of 2006:

1. Learning how to Run
2. Face Recognition
3. Lost Experience – Related Sites perhaps?
4. Never trust a ‘geek’ with your iPod
5. Pop goes the Question
6. Detecting Pop-up Blockers with JavaScript
7. Nineteen Eighty Six
8. Birthday Wishes
9. This town needs an Enema – The Joker
10. Feeling the Christmas Spirit Yet?

I can’t help but notice that the majority of the top trafficked posts are posts that I actually spent some time trying to proliferate on the web. For instance, the top five posts I went out to related sites and commented on blogs with related topics and linked back to my original post. Cross-linking is a great way to help boost traffic.

Also, I use the technorati tags field that I’ve added to the Diatribe Edit Page (for authors only), which is a space-seperated list of “tags” or topics that the post covers. This helps drive traffic from the site Technorati, which is a blog search engine. I encourage my fellow authors to do the same, as it’s obviously helped promote some of my posts outside the realm of the diatribe.

Side Note: I think this is the first time since 2001 that I’ve not spent New Years Eve with Mrs. Larby. Happy 2007 Everyone!

The ads are back

As part of my employment agreement, I was required to remove the Google AdSense ads from my site. I did this a few weeks back and most of you probably didn’t even notice.

I’ve come to miss the ads, though, being an avid contributor to the success of online advertising and have therefore re-instituted the advertising program on The Diatribe. This time, though, I’m using only one paid model (which you can buy advertising on through ) .

More importantly, though, I’m not really in the business of making money with the Diatribe. If you’re interested in promoting your personal weblog or small business, I’ll gladly add you into the rotation. Visit our Advertising page to get more information on how to qualify for a free banner ad on The Diatribe.

Feedback is always welcome.

Out of Office

LTJ and Miss Possible are currently out of the office as we travel galavant around the Massachusetts area. We will return to our regularly scheduled blogging (or at least LTJ will) upon arriving in sunny Santa Clara, California next week.

The exact date of our return is dependent upon the Internet access available at the new apartment. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvience and we encourage your return to read about the further adventures of Cool Jesus during our absence.

Thank you and have a great day,

LTJ and Miss Possible

ps. This probably should have been posted last week..
ppss. Read: We’re on vacation — leave us alone.

The Plumber

Over the last couple of months, I have been dealing with a leaky bathroom faucet. It’s not the simple, typical drip from the spiggot. Rather, it leaks from the top of the faucet assembly onto the vanity. Seeing as how there was such a list of things that we needed the landlord to fix when we moved in, this was put on the backburner. But the landlord has taken care of the bigger issues and without anything else to worry about, we became increasingly annoyed with the pools of water all over the vanity. The landlord’s personal plumber arrived this morning to fix it, but all he did was serve me a fixin’ of attitude.

He was 100%, even 1000%(!!!) sure that this particular Delta washerless faucet could not possibly leak the way I described it. In turn, I was 100% sure that I had seen it leak with my own eyes. We stood there in my tiny bathroom staring at the running faucet and I was just waiting for the leak to do its thing. And it didn’t. I could tell the plumber was loving this. He kept repeating the part about being an expert and knowing that a Delta washerless faucet cannot leak that way and as he was raising his voice and throwing his hands up, I started to raise my voice. What can you do when you’re arguing with someone who is certain that he’s right, even when you’re certain that you’re right?

He pretty much accused me of calling him a liar when I merely held my ground and told him that, no, the standing water was not caused by our own sloppiness. So, we let the water run and he enjoyed every drop. “I’m abusing it now!” he shouted as he frantically turned the hot and cold water on and off, faster and slower. “See! Abusing! Abusing! And abusing!” He walked away in disgust and said, “Hey, my man, I’ll wait 10 minutes and we’ll see if it does anything.” I thought that was fair, but a mere 60 seconds later, he grabbed his tools, headed for the door, and asked, “Okay, can I go now?”

I told him that I’d just contact my landlord directly if the leak were to occur again. Even though he suggested this very thing five minutes earlier, hearing it from me enraged him even more. “Ray is my good friend!” he shouted, “I wouldn’t lie to you, my man.” So, this plumber went from calling me “a gentleman” over the phone the other day to storming out of my apartment and leaving me scratching my head. All I could do was tip my cap to whatever mischievous spirit keeps making me look like a fool when I try to point out broken things to the plumber from hell.