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All Hail Northeastern

I happened to be poking around the iTunes Music Store last night, trying to find some ring tones to try out — I still haven’t found any — and I happened to stumble across what is known as iTunes U. It’s basically a list of universities that are offering classes online that you can download and listen (or watch) on your iPod for free. Surprisingly, Northeastern happened to make the list.

While looking through some of Northeastern’s offerings (mostly pharmacy-related), they have a section titled “Northeastern Audio & Video.” One of these songs was a track called “All Hail Northeastern.” It’s some scary Northeastern Fight Alumni song. Take a listen for yourself, it’s pretty ridiculous.

Who knew this even existed?

On a second Northeastern-related topic.. I received an email from the Alumni association telling me about a Bocce Ball event a few blocks from my house for NU Alums.. While I’d love to go with a bunch of friends, I don’t know what I’m going to get if I go to a NU Alumni Bocce Event.. How many graduates from the class of 1956 do you think will be in attendance? I think I’m gonna pass this time ’round.

Husky Business

From 1995 – 1999, I was a rabid reader of The Northeastern News‘ weekly Crime Log. It was informative. It was humorous. It was supposed to be a warning, yet somehow new people kept on leaving their wallets, laptops, and backpacks unattended in Snell Library. I was able to catch some issues of TNN at the home of Captain Larby, Dr. Doop, Matty Ballgame, and Terrence until mid-2000. Then, the fun stopped. I would have had to travel all the way to campus to keep up with NU’s crime. But then I discovered their web site a couple of years ago. I fell out of the habit last year, but I’m back into it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the…

Crime Log Entry of the Week
Friday September 8
10 p.m.

An NUPD officer saw a man wearing a shirt but no pants outside Stetson West. The officer asked the 18-year-old male student why he wasn’t wearing any pants, and the student told the officer he was wearing underwear. The student lifted up his shirt to show the officer his underwear. He said his reasoning was that he had just watched the movie “Risky Business” and wanted to emulate it. The student went back inside at the officer’s urging.

Read all the rest here…