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Getting Things Done

Since I started with RSS feeds, I’ve become a productivity nut. As I’ve mentioned several times, one of my favorite web sites is . A site that is devoted to little productivity tips and tricks.

One of the major focuses of the site, however, is a system known as “Getting Things Done,” a book by David Allen. I’ve known for some time about the system, and have heard several times about it’s reliability and how great it is. It was only until recently that I happened to pick up a copy and start reading. And let me tell you, I’m hooked.

The major concept is that everything you need to do or any idea you have — no matter how big or small — needs to be put into a system that is rock-solid. By doing so, you’ll know exactly where to look to find all of your tasks, and you don’t need to stress out about them. Think of it like this.. You need to take out the garbage, so what do you do? As soon as you think about it, you package up the trash and put it by the front door — so when you leave — you see it and take it out. It’s impossible to miss. This is the very basic premise of his book. By creating a system that contains every single idea or task you need to do — you’ll have everything you need to complete a task at your disposal.

It goes much deeper and further than this, however, breaking down projects into much smaller action items. Reviewing these on a regular basis with what’s known as a ‘Tickler’ file. As well as other neat tips and tricks. His system is not something you need to buy or invest in. It’s something you create — either electronically, in a day timer or even on note cards. There’s even a GTD Firefox Extension that integrates seamlessly with Gmail and an Outlook plugin that transforms the standard Outlook into a GTD Masterpiece. He basically gives you examples of how the system works, and from there you can use whatever tools you want to implement it. The world of productivity is your oyster.

But besides being a great system, it’s a fantastic read. He has some great ideas and some great concepts the he puts in very easy-to-understand language. I would highly recommend it to just about every reader of The Diatribe. Stop procrastination today — and start getting things done.