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Competitive Male Runners

As a male and a runner, I found this recent article in Runner’s World extraordinarily interesting. The article discusses how while running, males tend to not let themselves get passed — and this is just so true! I thought it was just me!

I hate to be passed and when I know there’s someone behind me, I’ll keep a careful watch on them and their pace — and monitor mine accordingly. The same holds true when I spy someone in front of me: evaluating my energy levels, my pace, their pace. With some quick back-of-the-envelope math, I decide whether or not I can overtake them — and I often push myself to try.

It’s definitely something in the male competitive spirit, but it’s refreshing to know that I’m not the only one. All this means, though, is if you hear someone following you somewhere between Noe Valley and Golden Gate Park: Beware, I won’t give up. Unless, of course, it’s the way back from the park and we’re looking up at those giant hills… then it’s a team effort.

My other diatribe

For those that are interested, I’ve started up another weblog — this one dedicated to running. As a result of the recent success from the “How To” article I wrote, I figured ‘Why not start a weblog of similar style posts…”

So I did. I know that I signed a non-compete when I started with the Diatribe here, but — trust me, it will not interfere with my duties or responsibilities here. As with my running post, most of you probably have little interest in reading about running tips and tricks.. but if you do, it’s there.

Anyway, the URL is I’ve managed to get a post or two up there, so check it out if you’re interested. If not, stick around the Diatribe — as I’ll surely be here.

Learning how to run

Early in the summer of 2000, I became a runner. By this I mean that I used running as a means of stress relief, and did it several times a week. This continued up until the spring of 2003 at which point I injured myself riding my bicycle, two weeks before the Boston Marathon, for which I had been training for all winter long.

Since this time, I’ve found it very difficult to get back into the routine of running. I’ve tried many times, and sometimes I’d stick with it for 4-5 runs. I’d set small goals for myself, and would start to break into a rhythm, but it would never stick. Until now.

I think it had something to do with a New Years resolution, followed by the winter olympics (such a great motivator). And since the first of February, I’ve managed to log a around 80 miles. While this isn’t record-shattering, it’s still proof to myself that I’ve managed to keep it up. Moreso, however, is the past two weekends when I’ve even managed to get a long run in — and try to improve my endurance and overall weekly mileage.

As I’ve strugged to get back into the habit, I’ve begun to remember all of the little tips and tricks that I had during my “years as a runner.” While this probably isn’t the most useful for you, dear Diatribe readers, it could be for someone out there — so I thought I’d share my tips on learning how to run.
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