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Myrtle Beach

We headed to Myrtle Beach for a golf outing with Miss Possible’s family and I was asked to make a special post on behalf of my brother in law, Kev-Dawg.

On the 5th hold of Long Bay Club, Kev-Dawg nailed a 162 yard hole-in-one. Congrats dude!

War is Hell

As a team offsite yesterday, 20 of us went out to the Los Gatos Paintball club for what amounted to 5 hours worth of strategic paintball games. The field was not themed, but rather about a 50-100 acre (I’m terrible with Acres) wooded area with a steep hill at the north side and thick brush at the south. Throughout the entire course, there were bunkers, barrels, make-shift houses, and other things to hide behind.

We played the typical games: elimination, capture the flag, VIP, etc. and it was a blast. My first time out, actually. The paintballs do in fact sting a little — but it’s not something you can’t bear. In my opinion, snowboarding was more painful than this — then again, with snowboarding it’s less painful as you get better, but at any rate…

What was surprising, however, was how exhausting it was. We’d play two 10 minute games followed by a “five minute break” that usually wound up being more like 15-20 minutes. But by the end of those two games, I was beyond exhausted.

From all of the running, hiding, squatting, crawling, and shooting — it’s a tiring effort. Worst of all, though, is the adrenaline. Your heart is racing the entire time as your basically playing for “your life.”

Not to under-value what our troops are doing in Iraq or Afghanistan, but it really gave me a small sense of what it must be like to be in a war zone. The main difference, of course, is that they’re not shooting paint. Thoughts of Iraq, Vietnam, World War II and other wars came to mind as I exited the playing field so out exhausted that I could barely hold my gun above my head as to indicate that I was “dead.”

I now understand what basic training is all about — and more so, I have a new understanding of the term “War is Hell.”

The Stupidest channel on Television

Ever since the second week of September when the football season began, there has been a flood of television commercials promoting the new NFL Network: “Football is coming to Thursdays, this fall. Only on the NFL Network. Ask your local cable operator for more information.” The amount of advertising time that has been allotted to these commercials is ridiculous.

On the bright side, were one of the lucky ones (so I thought) to be able to freely access the NFL Network as part of our standard cable package. I’ve had a hard time finding the channel in the normal channel range, and only appeared in the 700’s meaning it’s an HD Channel. As a matter of fact, the station identifier is “NFL HD” signifying that it is an HD channel.

All season long, if you look at the program guide on this channel, you’ll get a message that says “Football is coming to Thursdays in November. Stay tuned to this channel.” A complete waste of space, if you ask me. To think that this is all that the channel is broadcasting is ridiculous. Kinda like the YES HD Network back in New York that would only show a blue screen offering information about the next Yankees game except worse. At least the YES network would broadcast more than once a week.

So, last Thursday marked the NFL Network’s debut with a game on Thursday evening (5pm PST). I didn’t get to watch it, but I assumed it was quality programming. Tonight, though, I happened to notice that the Bengals and Ravens were playing on the NFL Network, so I tuned in.

Considering that the Network has had just about three full months to prepare for these games, you’d think they’d pull out all the stops. I was completely wrong. When I turned it on, I noticed that it not being broadcast in HD, even though it’s on an HD Channel. You may not know this about HD TV’s but when you watch standard definition programming on a standard definition channel, the quality is pretty bad. But, when you watch standard defitinion programming on an an HD Channel it’s piss poor at best. It’s practically so blurry that you’re barely able to make out the players.

This blows my mind. The amount of advertising dollars spent to promote a channel only broadcasts actual programming for only 4 hours per week, for approximately 4 weeks out of a 16 week football schedule is obviously stupid. But, to then do it half-assed? They couldn’t even invest in a few HD Television cameras (or borrow some and send them off to Cincinnati)? Come on guys, this is amateur hour at its worst.

NFL Network — you are the biggest waste of a television channel ever. Even the local public broadcasting channel that only shows a list of upcoming community events is a more productive intelligent than the NFL network will ever be. Get with the program, and at least live up to the hype. What a waste.

Plates & Ice

So, last night I swung by our friendly Toyota Dealership and picked up our license plates and registration. I never would have imagined that our first set of plates would be the Californian variety, but go figure. While this mean seem menial and unimportant, it’s actually the most important first step in getting some schnazzy hybrid HOV lane stickers.

These stickers allow single passengers to use the HOV lanes in California.. this is actually a huge deal and will likely shave 10 minutes or so off my daily commute. There’s a number of steps that are required as part of this process, but I was able to head into San Francisco bright and early today in order to get some of the other details squared away. The last part (the application) is now in the mail en route to Sacramento to be processed and issued on January 1. Just last month the state of California announced that they will be issuing another 10,000 stickers (they went through 75k of them in 9 months) to be distributed on January 1. Hopefully my application is one of those 10,000.

In other news, a few weekends back MP and I headed into San Fran to go to the E-surance Icer Air event at AT&T park. They actually installed a huge ski jump in the ballpark for skiiers and snowboarders to do tricks and jumps off of. There were a number of bands that played as well, including Jurassic 5, who we were able to catch. For the $10 admission, it was well worth the event — just to see J5 alone.

I finally got around to posting some pics from the event last night. The ball park is still fairly new and reminded me a lot of Coors Field in Colorado. It’ll be fun to catch a game there, that’s for sure.