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Oh No! The Internet’s Gone!

I enjoy watching South Park on occasion — it’s still one of the most provocative and risquee shows available on cable and think it’s often pure genius. Last night’s episode was no exception.

The episode was a mockery of the 1840’s Gold Rush, but instead of Gold, people were looking for Internet — as the internet went down… for everyone. Everywhere. Except for a small community located in Silicon Valley, CA. So everyone flocked to “Californy” to find some internet.

Very clever.. But it does make you think how dependent we have all become on the internet — heck, I wouldn’t even have a job if it wasn’t for this massive series of tubes.

I highly recommend checking it out if you see it on repeats.. it’s a laugh.

Get Arrested

I had read a month or so ago that there was a possibility of an Arrested Development Movie.. but I think that this listing on IMDB makes it much more credible.

This would be great news! My bet on the storyline? I think that Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character (Maggie Lizer) is going to make a return citing that the actually has a baby fathered by Michael. I recently watched the 2nd season episode ‘Out on a Limb,’ which is about Maggie having a baby by Michael — but it turns out that the baby is actually being mothered by another woman for a gay couple.. (don’t ask). So, at the very end, Maggie takes a Pregnancy test and finds out that she’s actually pregnant after hooking up with Michael (yet again).

In true AD style, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this at least makes an appearance. I have to believe that the the writers of the show are not going to try to appeal to mass audience now after facing their demise by a lack of mass appeal. There’s going to be plenty of winks and nudges, I’m sure. Seeing Annyong on the cast makes it interesting — but who knows. Glad to see the reference.

PS. And MP says “…this cannot make up for the fact that AD was canceled. One movie does not make up for the seasons and seasons of joy that we could have had. That’s all.”


Has anyone seen the New American Gladiators television show hosted by none other than Hulk Hogan? I think it’s Miss Possible’s latest addition to our DVR.. And let me stress DVR. The show is an hour long if you watch it live.. but record it, and you can usually squeeze the entire thing into about 20 minutes after you cut all the commentary, interviews and other nonsense.

It’s just as good as the original with some new events and stunts.. so if you were a fan then — you’ll likely be a fan now.


Miss Possible and I have become fascinated with HBO’s latest comedy “Flight of the Conchords.” If you haven’t seen it and have HBO, you’re missing out. While it cannot compare with the , but it’s the best comedy on Television since AD.
The dry humor and wit is fantastic, intertwined with songs written by the comedians for the show.

Brief Synopsis from

Flight of the Conchords follows the trials and tribulations of a two man, digi-folk band from New Zealand as they try to make a name for themselves in their adopted home of New York City. The band is made up of Bret McKenzie on guitar and vocals, and Jemaine Clement on guitar and vocals.

Bret and Jemaine have moved to New York in the hope of forging a successful music career. So far they’ve managed to find a manager (whose “other” job is at the New Zealand Consulate), one fan (a married obsessive) and one friend (who owns the local pawn shop) — but not much else.

For a taste, here’s a sample of a song from this week’s episode entiteld “If You’re Into It” (Parental Guidance is suggested):

So Long Mr. Wizard

I remember the days, as a kid, that I would get up early in the morning to watch Mr. Wizard perform his marvelous science tricks on Nickelodeon’s “Mr. Wizard’s World”. I loved his show. I remember watching episodes that I had seen time-and-time again, as if I was expecting his experiments to have a different outcome.

One thing I always wondered, though, was how strange the kids always seemed to be. I wonder where they are today, and if they’re troubled by their brief brush with fame.

It’s funny. I can even recall my father telling me several times about how he used to watch the very same Mr. Wizard perform very similar experiments when he was a kid. Don Herbert stood the test of time. But, as I found out earlier today, Don Herbert (aka. Mr. Wizard) has passed away at the ripe age of 89. I just have to keep telling myself — he’s in a better place.

That being said, I leave with you the YouTube clip of the Show’s opening sequence for a little nostalgia. You can watch the clip after the jump.
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Lost with Mixed Emotions

Tonight is the Season Finale of the show LOST on ABC. It has been building up to a great finale, and both Miss Possible and I are very much looking forward to this evening’s two hour episode.. but at the same time, we know that we will be faced with the longest LOST hiatus we’ve ever experienced.

The show is set to return in January 2008, which means that the fans will be lost-less for nearly 7 months (a lifetime if you ask me). Considering that I devote approximately 2.5 hours a week to the show, if you include the various podcast and articles discussing the show, it’s going to be a very sad seven months.

Sigh.. I have no idea how I’m going to feel when the show actually comes to an end in 2010.. unless there is an absolute resolution, it will definitely be one of the saddest days. But, at least we have a little while until we have to face that unfortunate day…

For now, it’s just a seven month hiatus.

Just checking in

I’m relieved that CBS decided to renew ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for a third season.  My man Petro, who is also a big fan, sent me the good news earlier today and I was probably more happy than I should have been, considering it’s “just a TV show.”  Having such a clutch show on Monday nights is immeasurably good for my psyche.  When I come home on Monday evening after being slapped around by the post-weekend workday return, it’s nice to come home and have something to look forward to.  Something to take my mind off everything.

Having at least one good show on a Monday night really shortens the week.  Tuesdays suck.  Wednesdays suck.  Thursdays are stellar.  And then Fridays are all about going out and getting liquored up.  Incidentally, it’s just about summertime and the best TV series EVER is already in the midst of its 106th season.  That’s right, Red Sox baseball.  At least CBS can’t threaten to cancel that.  Only Mother Nature can do that, and that’s why on nights like tonight I’m sitting here blogging rather than watching the game.  Lucky you.

Seven Minute Sopranos

Unless you’re living under a rock, this is the last half of the sixth and final season of the HBO hit show, ‘The Sopranos.’ In my opinion, the show revolutionized television when it began with its cinematography, character development and complicated plotlines. As the show comes to an end, I revel in its success and appreciate the last several shows that I have to enjoy.

I’ve spoken with several co-workers about the show’s conclusion, and everyone agrees that we’re glad to see it go out on top. Shows that drag on too long (coughcoughXFilescoughcough) are often a disappointment to the fanbase. So, if you haven’t yet seen the show, here’s a very well done and extremely accurate 7 minute summary of the first 6 1/2 seasons of The Sopranos. Enjoy.


At Google, we have a number of meetings or training sessions where you’re required to introduce yourself. Besides the usual "name, department & start date" there’s always a unique question that is asked. "What is your favorite meal?","What is your Favorite Smell?","What was your last concert that you went to", etc.

This past week in a training, the question was "What was your favorite childhood cartoon." And you had the usual answers: He-Man, Transformers, Smurfs, some of the younger employees even said Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Towards the end, people were struggling to come up with unique answers.. it was a fun exercise, regardless.

I was going to say "M.A.S.K." however, when I asked a few of my neighbors, they’d never heard of it. I found the intro on YouTube and wanted to share.. Does anyone else remember this show, or am I crazy?

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