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Get Arrested

I had read a month or so ago that there was a possibility of an Arrested Development Movie.. but I think that this listing on IMDB makes it much more credible.

This would be great news! My bet on the storyline? I think that Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character (Maggie Lizer) is going to make a return citing that the actually has a baby fathered by Michael. I recently watched the 2nd season episode ‘Out on a Limb,’ which is about Maggie having a baby by Michael — but it turns out that the baby is actually being mothered by another woman for a gay couple.. (don’t ask). So, at the very end, Maggie takes a Pregnancy test and finds out that she’s actually pregnant after hooking up with Michael (yet again).

In true AD style, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this at least makes an appearance. I have to believe that the the writers of the show are not going to try to appeal to mass audience now after facing their demise by a lack of mass appeal. There’s going to be plenty of winks and nudges, I’m sure. Seeing Annyong on the cast makes it interesting — but who knows. Glad to see the reference.

PS. And MP says “…this cannot make up for the fact that AD was canceled. One movie does not make up for the seasons and seasons of joy that we could have had. That’s all.”

A letter to Mitch Hurwitz

Dear Mr. Hurwitz:

I consider myself a very enthusastic fan of your show “Arrested Development” that has unofficially been given the axe by the Fox Network. I have read the rumors flying around the Internet lately about Showtime making an offer to pick up the show. These rumors are also reporting that the future of the show lies in your hands — whether you decide to bring it over to Showtime, or call it quits with A.D.

I can understand your predicament. The past few years must have been very trying — between winning awards for a wonderfully written and produced show — but not having the fan base that it deserved. At the same time, the Fox Network did an extremely pitiful job marketing your work — which has brought us to where we are now. Being nearly cancelled, only to be revived for a dozen episodes must be extremely frustrating.

If you look at the number of shows that are coming out now, though (“The Loop” or ABC’s new show “Sons and Daughters”) these are all copies of your genius. Every review I have read of these shows has made a comparison to your show. If everyone is trying to copy Arrested Development, why would you want to throw in the towel now?
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Since it was announced back in November, I’ve been in Denial. Someone will pick it up, I said to myself. Fox will change their mind, like they did last time. They won’t let this fantastic show go down the tubes. Well, all that may change when the final four episodes of the third season of Arrested Development air this coming Friday on Fox.

The show is truly one of the most hilarious comedies ever produced, though it’s nuanced humor and inside jokes is what is causing its demise. You know those random inside jokes that Seinfeld would have (George’s obsession with Vandelet Industries, for instance). Well, Seinfeld would sprinkle them throughout the show in order to give a hidden gem to those long-time Seinfeld fans.

Arrested Development based about 75% of its jokes on this premise. Coming into a show in the middle of the season would seem dull, bland, and boring. You wouldn’t understand why the show is so funny. And that’s what’s unfortunate. People who have heard about the need to “Save Arrested Development” and get their friends to watch. Well, their friends would watch, but be turned off by the first episode, they wouldn’t tune in for the second — to learn all the references to the first show they watched. It’s a damn shame.

Anyway, in Today’s Globe and Mail there’s an Article about the sad finale facing the show. Apparently our last hope at getting the show picked up has been rumored to have come to an end:

“For a few days there was hope Arrested Development might resurface on the U.S. cable channel Showtime which really excited some fans, since the U.S. cable channel is not bound by network censors and competitive scheduling. And then that deal fell apart.”

So, while 90% of America is watching the Olympics this Friday. I’ll be at home watching with mixed emotion the final four episodes of one of the greatest comedies to ever take to the airwaves.

Say Goodbye to the Bluth Company as well as George Sr., Michael, George Michael, Lindsey, Tobias, Maebe, George Oscar Bluth (G.O.B.), Buster, Lucille, Lucille2, Anne (and Anne 2.0), and of course Kitty’s breasts… cause it’s the last time.

Fingers crossed for Arrested’s future

According to a Recent article in Variety there are negotiations between 20th Century Fox TV and both ABC and Showtime regarding the option to purchase the rights to Arrested Development.

“…those familiar with the talks described them as serious, with Showtime said to be in particularly hot pursuit of the ratings-challenged laffer, now on life support at Fox…”

This could be good news for fans of the show!

Is there hope to get arrested?

In case you haven’t heard Fox has decided to cut the number of Arrested Development episodes from a full season of 22 episodes down to 13. This means that there’s about 6 or 7 episodes left this season. HOW TERRIBLE. What’s worse, is that there’s a very good chance that it might be cancelled. Period. End of story.

Of all the absolutely TERRIBLE television (Stacked? C’mon), they opt to cancel one of the funniest episodes on television. I’ve been trying to find as much gossip about this as I can, as I’m trying to find out what might be the fate of this wonderful show. According to a post on TV Squad today, Showtime might be interested in picking up the show. This could be very good, and I think it would get a lot of people to sign up for Showtime. (Like I need another cable channel. Sheesh).

Either way, it’s a tragedy, and I’ve been trying to find an appropriate banner ad to put on the site — if it comes down to it — that I can use to link to either a petition or some other informative site. Stay tuned, as I’m sure I’ll bee updating everyone with whatever happens.

I think he just wants to see boys linuses

Last night’s episode of Arrested Developement was excellent, as always. I think the past two weeks haven’t been as funny as previous episodes, but they are still fantastic. Obviously the best quote from last night was the Buster’s Linus quote about Tobias in regards to the “Boys with Low Self Esteem” concept.

There are now official three “never nudes,” but I do wonder about Dave Attel. For those unfamiliar with the condition, :

They are unable to remove all of their clothing in the presence of other people, or, for some, even when they are alone. It is a condition called ???never nude,??? and it often leaves its sufferers unable to function in even the most basic situations. So why isn???t this debilitating psychosis recognized by psychiatry???s most influential reference, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fourth Edition (DSM-IV)?

The “Giant Juice Box” aka Box-O-Wine was genuis. The writers of this show are truly fantastic, and it’s for this reason that it makes me nervous that they’re still talking about cancelling the show next season.