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Luggage Update

Well, there’s good news and bad news.. we made it to Montreal, but just barely. I opted to “gate check” (aka. give control of my luggage to the baggage monkeys at United) my carry-on bag as I didn’t want to sit in seat 4F and have my luggage stowed above seat 30A. After further review of the situation, I obviously made the wrong decision.

At the time that I handed over my bag, they told me it was being checked all the way to Montreal — YUL airport. When I got to LAX, the flight staff then was saying that I would find my bag at the baggage claim. They even told me this after I de-planed and talked to the woman at the front counter for United. After going down to the baggage area and not finding my bag, I went to the baggage claim desk and she said that the bag is _likely_ to be sent all the way to Montreal, though they mis-wrote the airport code as UYL not YUL. Great.

This was the time of the last post — luggage debacle.

Our plane was 30 minutes late getting into LAX and after the debacle we were already running late. Our plane was set to depart at 11pm and it was about 10:10 at this point. We wait about 10 minutes for a shuttle and finally get to terminal 2 at about 10:25 and head straight to security. The line was terribly long and the woman let us take the elevator up to the top level of security to short cut everyone.

When we got up there, though, the TSA person insisted that Scott didn’t have a real ticket — but rather a confirmation number. He said we needed to go back down to the desk and get a real ticket. We objected. He called over a supervisor. Supervisor proved him wrong. We went through security. Bam!

We’re on the plane, we both slept very little and when we got to Montreal — surprise surprise — no bag. They still aren’t quite sure where it is as of this writing.. so, we’ll see if it makes it at all. I bought some clothes at the Gap ($150 for a simple cotton dress shirt, two undershirts and 2 pairs of boxers). I grabbed some simple toiletries and all told this lost bag has already cost me about $175. Fortunately, our friends at Air Canada / United are willing to give me a whopping $50/day for 2 days. That should help, but still.

We just got into our rooms and are looking forward to catching some shut-eye. We’re still in very good spirits and no lost luggage is going to get in our way!


As I’m sure you can imagine, Disneyland was amazing… I opted not to fly with the rest of my company, but instead take a limo down with 8 other co-workers and do some wine tasting. We didn’t get there until 11p, but that’s fine.. my designated flight was delayed several hours and I would have arrived at the same time. Bonus points.

During the day, there were 5-10 minute lines for nearly every ride.. and once we took over the park, well, that was utterly amazing. Our own private fireworks display, the speakers on main street blaring music from the DJ Booth in front of the Castle, and oh yeah.. for a lot of the rides (Space Mountain, for example) you could just go again, if you wanted.. nobody was there!

Amazing. It’s one of those experiences that are a once-in-a-lifetime thing.. Being able to frolick and romp around Disney with only a few people here or there.

Here’s a pic of my friends Katie, Pluto, Haley, and I:

I’m Going to Disneyland!

Tom Brady may not be headed to the Mickey Mouses’s West Coast abode, but I sure am. As a replacement to the annual Ski Trip that my company hosts up in Lake Tahoe, the West Coast Trip for this year has been to take over Disney. That’s right… a full day at the Park, plus an exclusive 5 hour window (8p – 1a) during which my company has exclusive access to the park, rides and more.

This seems like the perfect thing to take my mind off the near-perfect season.

Back in the Saddle

While I am still in Boston, it is the New Year and I thought it was fitting to write a little something up here on the Diatribe. I wish I had some sort of tally for the number of towns visited, miles driven, gallons of gasoline consumed, dollars spent and other miscellanea, but I don’t. It was a fun (but exhausting) vacation — and I’ll be happy to head back to California.

The weather is just starting to turn cold back here in The Bean — a whopping 17 degrees predicted for the high tomorrow.. it’s time to head back to California. Bogart adapted well to the flight out to Boston — and from what I hear — was even better on the flight back.

It was great seeing everyone and I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all the Diatribe Readers out there.

Now back to your regularly scheduled work day

So, let’s add up the past few weeks. 11 flights, 7 days of vacation, 3 consecutive weekends of traveling, 2 days on business, 1 wedding in Essex NY and one night’s sleep at LAX.

After all this, it’s nice to get back home and have nothing to do except watch the Patriots kick ass on Monday Night Football and inevitably stress out over some Red Sox post-season baseball.

I hope to have some pics of the various festivities posted over the next week. Due to a tragic incident in Punta Cana involving my digital camera and a vast sea of salt water, I’ve resorted to taking pictures with disposable cameras.

It’s now time to get back to work and my day-to-day activities… Stay tuned.

Miss Possible, Slot Machine Ninja

The Slot Machine Ninja at MONEY STORM!

Ok, it’s official. I’ve never seen anything like it. Miss Possible gets the official title of Slot Machine Ninja. After our recent weekend in Las Vegas, NV, I witnessed first-hand her obsession with the one-armed bandit. But, it’s not just an obsession — she wins. She defies logic.

Throughout the course of the weekend I played a number of Slot Machines and saw the bonus stage on two machines. She must’ve seen the bonus round on practically every type of machine in the casino. Or at least on the machines that piqued her interest. I’ve also never seen anyone consistently win over $100 on two seperate penny-slot machines in a span of 15 minutes. Not to mention the late-night “$1 to $100” conversions that happened on the slots.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we both ended up losing quite a bit of cash.. I was a victim to the Craps tables, while MP was the target of these same Slot Machines that were also so kind to her. She lost more than I did, for sure. She bailed my A$$ out in BlackJack quite a bit, if I recall correctly (it was 7am afterall).

So, why then, is she dubbed a Ninja do you ask? Well, she’s as quiet as a ninja when she stalks her various slot machine victims. You’ll leave her at one machine and 5 minutes later she’s across the casino. She has a very specific rhythm and timing to her machines and if she’s not “feeling it” she’s off like the proverbial prom dress. Leave her for 15 minutes and she may have hit as nearly as many slot machines in that time — looking for the perfect victim. That perfect machine just waiting to dish out oodles of cash to one lucky player.

One machine of note is the one pictured — ‘Money Storm’ — in which she played $.02 bids and ended up getting a total of 40+ free ‘Scatter’ spins in a matter of five minutes. The machine blaring “It’s Raining Men” as Tornados swept across the screen and racked up big bucks. She ended up walking away from the machine with over $110 when she was down to less than $1.

All-in-all it was a fantastic trip, and it was great to see the Captain and Mrs. Larby. So many jokes, such a good time. We learned so much:
– About nurses from Kansas
– MP will NOT accept Pepsi as a substitute for Coke
– Rubbing a Buddah’s belly will not bring better luck
– That sherry’s is JUST LIKE the Candy Mountain
– That O’Sheas is the Craziest place on the Strip
– It’s OK to wear wigs in Vegas
– And that MP is definitely a Slot Machine Ninja.

More Photos

Out of Office

LTJ and Miss Possible are currently out of the office as we travel galavant around the Massachusetts area. We will return to our regularly scheduled blogging (or at least LTJ will) upon arriving in sunny Santa Clara, California next week.

The exact date of our return is dependent upon the Internet access available at the new apartment. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvience and we encourage your return to read about the further adventures of Cool Jesus during our absence.

Thank you and have a great day,

LTJ and Miss Possible

ps. This probably should have been posted last week..
ppss. Read: We’re on vacation — leave us alone.