On Blogging

Originally when I thought of doing this, one person came to mind. Someone I worked with long ago that would update their blog 2-3 times during the work day with articles and comments and other senseless jargon.

But, I have to admit.. it’s actually kind of fun. Yep. Geeky as it may be, it’s interesting to jot down a [random thought, stupid link, ignorant article, senseless factoid]. For instance, this article (NYTimes.com, requires free registration) sent to me today by the Cap’n about the crazy people that were harrasing their neighbors at all hours of the night with rooster recordings. Who are these people, and I’m glad they don’t live on Elm Street.

Or the other article I received today about PC Manufacturers wanting to use OS X as an operating system. Fantastic!

Regardless, it may be geeky.. but it’s amazing how many things you come across in your daily lives that are worthy of jotting down. Someone out there might be interested.



I think one of my mother’s favorite phrases when I was growing up was "Don’t hock me a chinick" — whatever that means. But, her second favorite was probably K.I.S.S., Better known as Keep It Simple, Stupid.

As I spent most of the weekend trying to put this whole site together, I tried to keep that in mind. Granted, the layout is a little bare — I think that’s ok. I was trying to go for a very simple look and feel. I’ll probably add some pretty graphics, and maybe some nice side-bar items at some point, but I think this is pretty good for starters.

As I mentioned, I did spend most of the weekend working on this, much to the chagrin of Miss Possible. How I can spend most of my free-time working on a Web site, when that’s what I do all week long is all she kept asking me. And she did have a point.. somewhat. It’s been quite a while since my fingers have felt the snap of a quick <img src= or a table,tr,td combo. Since I’ve moved into Ad Operations, I’ve done significantly less coding and designing. The most I get to play around with HTML is when I have to edit a javascript ad tag to add our tracking code, or update my departmental intranet. So, I do somewhat miss it.

Fortunately, I managed to get enough of it done, that I won’t need to spend much more time making tweaks. So, that’s good. So, despite the fact that I did keep it simple.. it was quite the project


The latest in ‘online’ dating…

A few nights ago, while looking for the BBC international on On Demand, my roommate came across a new feature under Lifestyle entitled Dating on Demand. Of course, we all gathered around the tube to check this out.

Last night, I showed this new feature to Miss Possible, who didn’t believe that this could really exist ("This can’t be for real" she tells me), but it does and it is. Basically, it gives you the ability to peruse through 2-3 minute video profiles of "desperate" people looking for love. I use the term desperate loosely, as I myself have dabbled in online dating. But I’d never go so far as to post a video on comcast cable for all to critique and laugh at. Some of them are very entertaining. The guy who is an "excellent stone skimmer" or the girl named "damaged_glitter" who’s a scrabble master.

The "Favorites" feature is by far the best, because it goes through all of the "best" videos. I’m not sure who votes these people into the "favorites" category, but — they’re definitely the most _interesting_ shall we say.

So, definitely check it out if you have Comcast. It’s worth the watch.



[Cracking Knuckles]

I’ve been debating this for years — going back to 2000, even. I don’t think I ever felt comfortable with people reading my miscellaneous nonsense. Never thought I had much to say — then I realized that if there are that many people out there that have political web logs discussing how great George W is as a President, then I can probably find something to write about.

The name’s Brandon, known to some as LTJ. While I’d love to say that the story of the nickname is lost in translation somewhere, that’d definitely be a lie. That’s a story for another day, perhaps.

For all intents and purposes (my new favorite phrase, thanks to Miss Possible), let’s just say it stands for Lieutenant J. No, I’ve never been in the military, nor have I ever even considered it.. but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t quite a trooper.

So, sit back.. relax.. and enjoy, and perhaps I’ll actually update this frequently [it’s for that reason that I’m not a paying member]. We’ll see how it goes.

So, I just managed to finish up the HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.. I’ve read the first one a while ago, but the remaining books never made it to the top of the pile — until just recently. In honor, here’s something you may enjoy. Personally, I don’t remember this game, but some people obviously do.

Enjoy and S.S.,

One large, collaborative diatribe.