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How things work out

It’s funny the way things work out. After participating in a fun Twitter Meme started by a former co-worker celebrating 13 years at Boston.com, it got me thinking about my favorite events working at the company.

One thing that came up whilst on my trip down memory lane was the summer afternoon where a few folks from the Washington Post came to visit and meet with us and share best practices and discuss our CMS. It must’ve been sometime around 2002 or 2003. The meeting took place between our marketing and design departments and I was asked to come along to talk to this guy Mark about potential CMS projects. I was a marketing web developer at the time and our CMS was non-existent. I wasn’t even involved with the project, either, so it was a bit strange that I was the one that was invited to the meetings.

Mark and I ended up running into each other a year or two later at an online advertising conference known as AdMonsters. We kept in touch and would often reach out to ask about advertising implementation strategies or discuss some new ad product that launched on one of our two sites, to share some insight into how it was done behind the scenes.

Mark ends up leaving the Post to go out to California, eventually finding himself at Google and I end up leaving Boston.com shortly thereafter to move to New York. A year or so goes by, and Mark reaches out to me asking me if I’m interested in applying for a job at Google. I thought it was a totally ridiculous idea, but figured it was worth a shot.

After 6 months of stress and interviews, I end up getting the job and we move out to California. Five and a half years later, Mark and I are still with Google; we even worked on the same team at one point. So, thanks Mark! Who knew what a last-minute meeting with some folks Washington Post would end up having such a profound impact on my life.

One day, I hope that I’ll look back and smile when I think of how a yellow button with black lettering that read “Obscene Things!” also changed my life.